20 January 2010

WHEN Subgroups, 2008

WHEN presently has three active subgroups. New members are most welcome and if you would like to participate in any of them, please contact the convener for meeting dates and times. The formation of other relevant subgroups is encouraged.

Gardens and Food
Annie March, convenor (6231 0378)
We are a very active group, which has been running regular produce exchanges, garden sharing, working bees, and information sessions, including a recent workshop on gardening with native plants. At the moment, we have several workshops and information sharing activities in the planning stages.

Sustainable Homes
John Carpenter, convenor (6231 6349)
After running two very successful workshops, one on solar hot water and the other on insulation and residential heating options, the group is now considering a number of ideas for future activities related to making our homes more sustainable.

Sustainable Transport
Margaret Steadman, convenor (6231 4751)
The group has prepared comments on the Hobart City Council's Draft Sustainable Transport Strategy and made a submission to the Premier's Fuel Summit. We are now looking at alternative actions for transport in the West Hobart area as well as the development of a walking and biking map.

18 January 2010

About us

We are a group of West Hobart residents who are concerned about the impact that climate change is having upon the planet. As individuals, we each had felt the need to take action. WHEN was formed partly as a means to motivate and support one another, and partly to serve as a vehicle for action. Global warming is an issue that we can no longer afford to ignore. To do so will be at the expense of our children’s futures.

WHEN’s main focus is on making our individual lives more sustainable so that our lifestyles will have a lighter impact upon the planet. Allied with this is our desire to strengthen and enliven our local community.

We meet occasionally as a whole group. The WHEN sub-groups meet regularly and organise community workshops and activities. The current sub-groups are Sustainable Housing, Gardening and Food, and Sustainable Transport.

If you also would like to act on climate change, then please join us. We look forward to meeting you and to working together with you in order to develop a more positive and secure future for our community and for the world.