28 August 2010

World Sunlight Map

Here is a link to a detailed story of implementation of a large photovoltaic system in Canberra. The owner has been generous in telling his story, including the calculations he made, installation issues, and ongoing analysis of performance. He now reports that he is achieving a 10 per cent return on his investment. Conditions there would be comparable to Hobart?

And this is a fun toy:

26 August 2010

West Hobart residents vote for climate change solutions

I was interested to see how many WH residents voted "green" in the Federal election on 21 August 2010.

Based on these assumptions:
1. That votes cast in West Hobart booths were largely from West Hobart residents (some would be from other suburbs of Denison) (while some WH residents would vote in other parts of Denison or elsewhere); and
2. That, based on policy platforms alone, votes cast for Greens (Geoff Couser), Independent (Andrew Wilkie), Socialist Alliance (Mel Barnes) represent active votes for urgent solutions to Climate Change;

I calculate that 53.7% of residents voted for Federal Govt action on climate change!!!!!

By Booth:
Elizabeth College, N Hobart (on border) 55.6%
Hobart West, Goulburn St School 61.4%
Lansdowne Cres Primary School 53.2%
Newdegate, Lawrenny Court 47.4%
St Peters, cnr Bris & Harrington Sts 56.4%
Swan St, N Hobart (on border) 52.2%
Total (3338 out of 6214) 53.7%

I'm sure this is a big increase from last election, has anyone had a look at that?