18 November 2010

The Sharehood

The Sharehood was referred to us by new member Colin. This is what The Sharehood says it is about:

Perhaps this might be a useful way for West Hobartians to connect and share goods and services etc with each other?

Green Traders

A new group has been set up to make it easier to share goods. Here's what they say:

Somewhere in the world, for a multitude of reasons, a fruit tree overburdened with deliciously ripe fruit rots and withers away, without a soul to eat it. Whilst somewhere in the world, for a multitude of reasons, someone goes hungry and cries, without a soul to help feed them.
We saw a void that we wanted to help fill and thus, Green Traders was born. In this world with ever increasing costs, everyday there are people that have to go without. Imagine how amazing it will be to trade green products such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, manure, seedlings and compost with others. This is Recycling at its very best and is a wonderful way to help the environment.
By reusing products that you do not need or want it will allow for less packaging and therefore less wastage. By giving away or trading what you do not use or want, you will be helping your fellow mankind. This will also give you a great sense of community, knowing that you are assisting people within your own neighbourhood.

This way of communicating and sharing could be very useful for getting (or getting rid of) gardening or household goods.... Check it out, at:

Walking West Hobart map project - update

The Walking West Hobart map working group has met again to look at several excellent maps provided by the Hobart City Council.

I have created a Google "My Map" which looks like a pretty accessible way for people to contribute ideas. Here is the link.

Have a go, it's fairly easy to add shortcuts etc that you know about.

Current ideas are that perhaps this "My Map" could be the online version of the Walking West Hobart map, and that we could use the information gathered here to create a printed paper map for on the street enjoyment!

Also Maria and John have created a Tassie Urban Walks website to showcase urban walks

We can use this site to publicise particularly lovely walks around West Hobart. Please contribute ideas to this page too!

So, plenty of ideas, and your input is welcome.