24 July 2017

Ecohomeguide.com.au - check it out!

Have you come across Ecohomeguide.com.au ???

This is a brilliant social enterprise and website, set up by Sustainable Living Tasmania.

Here you can get free tailored advice on how your household can become more sustainable, your heating costs can be reduced, and you can live more comfortably and cheaply.  Sustainable Living Tasmania has immense expertise in this area.  

They’ve also researched both products AND suppliers and are now part of the supply chain - offering households discounted and efficient products through some of the best suppliers in Tassie.  


By purchasing your solar PV, hot water, heat pump, insulation and other products through Ecohomeguide you are supporting Sustainable Living Tasmania’s work.

The Ecohomeguide team are currently also offering access to TEELS and NILS, government programs to make more efficient products more accessible to low income Tasmanians. 

Check it out, and see if this website is useful to you!

18 July 2017

Sustainable House Day, 17 September 2017

Would you like to open your home on Sustainable House Day?  Here's a message from ATA:

Have you worked hard to make your home more sustainable? Would you like to share your knowledge and expertise with others?

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is looking for homes to open to the public on Sustainable House Day on Sunday, September 17. If you have a sustainable home that makes you proud, we'd like you to nominate it to open.

Be part of an award-winning community event, with 80 homes already registered for the day. By opening your home and sharing your passion and knowledge of sustainable living you can inspire and educate others. Share your journey of what worked, what didn’t and how it has changed your way of living.

Sustainable House Day is a national event that gives people a rare view of exceptional homes designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind and allow them to speak to and learn from homeowners.
All homes participating in Sustainable House Day must have a minimum of four sustainable features. The sustainable feature can be anything that goes towards sustainable lifestyles, energy saving and healthy home practices.

Click here to go to the Sustainable House Day nomination page.

02 July 2017

Calling Transition-minded West Hobartians

Many supporters of WHEN and followers of this blog have heard of the international Transition Towns movement.  We have links to it on our webpage (like this one) if you'd like to learn more about it. The "why" page is worth checking out!

WHEN sees itself as part of this movement, albeit with our current involvement fairly fluid and nascent. We also link up and collaborate with several like-minded groups in the foothills of Mount Wellington and greater Hobart.

We recently received the email below from a new group in Victoria, inviting us to a fascinating conference aimed at building understanding and a national support hub for the movement, to be held in September. 

If you are vitally interested in this movement and in taking West Hobart forward in this area, we'd love to hear from you!  Do contact us in the first instance via email:  whenvnet@gmail.com and we'll send you the conference program outline.

Hi to all Transition and like-minded Sustainability groups in Australia,

We invite you to a Transition Communities National Summit on Wed 6 & Thurs 7 Sept 2017 at William Angliss Centre near Flagstaff train station in Melbourne, organised jointly by a fledgling Transition Hub Australia organising team and MAV (Municipal Association of Vic).

Every Council and Transition group in Australia is being invited to this conference. As well as a learning opportunity with a plethora of marvellous information, it is a crucial opportunity, through conference fees, for Transition to raise the money to create, develop and fund staff to start up an Australia-wide virtual Hub.

We understand that you and some other Transition volunteers may find difficulty in paying the conference fee from your own pocket. However, we urge you to see this payment as an investment in a vibrant and dynamic Transition movement future. You will note that Transition volunteers are being asked to cover only the cost of attendance and hence will pay less than half the fee charged for Councils. We hope that your group could approach your Council to request funds to support sending a Transition member. Or, perhaps your group might consider raising funds to allow attendance at the Conference.

Melbourne transitioners are very happy to billet people from interstate or regional Victoria.

This is the first summit of this kind. Please encourage your Council to send staff members and Councillors and we hope someone from your Transition group can attend.
Please look at the attached program and please circulate to all in your network who may be interested.
Also please join Transition Towns AustraliaFacebook page and start posting on it.
Thanks and best regards

Barbara and Mary for the Transition Hub Australia organising team.

29 June 2017

Gardening notes for July

Here are the July notes from Greg Summers:

JULY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting) Takes a month to show x x x x
English Spinach (no punnets - direct seeding only) x x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x x x
Small Cabbages - punnet into ground x

Small Cabbages - direct seeding x

Mini Cauliflower "Garant" - punnet into ground x x x x
Lettuce - direct seeding x x x x



Lettuce - punnet into ground when ready x x x x

Keep warm and happy gardening.


28 May 2017

What's happening in the garden - June

Dear Garden friends

The garlic is in and some bulbs are sprouting, the fruit tree pruning is almost done - such a big job. I'm raking up leaves from the street to add to the compost and to spread on the garden beds. Lots of lovely garden work!  I hope you are having fun too.

Here are June's notes.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting)


Sugar Snap peas (2nd planting) pregerminate then sow


Snowpea (2nd planting)

direct sow and protect from birds until 100mm high

Garlic bulbs 

English Spinach (no Punnets - direct seeding only)