23 September 2014

Rally for Renewables, this Friday 26 Sept, 12pm

We've been contacted by Amanda Sully & Jack Gilding, with this message:

I’m writing today with urgent news. As you know, the very future of solar and renewable energy in Australia is at risk. 

The Renewable Energy Target (RET), a hugely successful policy which says that at least 20% of Australia’s energy should come from renewable sources by 2020, has helped over 1.3 million Australians go solar. But next week Cabinet ministers will decide the fate of the Target and all signs suggest they want it gone. This is despite more than 80% of Australians being in favour of the Target.

Tasmania has enormous potential for economic development through future renewable energy projects and has the most to lose if the RET is reduced. Crucial decisions will be made in the next few weeks and the votes of Tasmanian Senators will be vital to a successful outcome.
The National Rally for Renewables will be held across Australia at key Cabinet Ministers’ electorate offices.  In Hobart it is:

DATE: Friday, September 26
TIME: 12 midday
LOCATION: Office of Senator Eric Abetz, 136 Davey St, Hobart

For further information or to assist contact Amanda Sully sully.amanda@gmail.com (0402) 570-788

Want to get into some Citizen Science?

A University of Tasmania Zoology researcher’s citizen science project wants to see how the public and scientists can work together to locate and provide wildlife refuges to prevent any further loss of species in Australia.
Dr Anke Frank said that, globally, Australia has the worst record for extinction of native mammals.
“In Australia and elsewhere, the natural environment is under threat from increasing urbanisation and people’s companion animals, primarily cats and dogs, which can cause additional stress and predation pressure on native species.”
Residents can participate in this citizen science project to help understand how important urban backyards are to wildlife, and the impacts of dogs and cats on backyard wildlife.
To participate, click here (it takes a max of 15 minutes).
For more information click here  or email anke.frank@utas.edu.au.

17 September 2014

Update to Rally at MONA on 21 September

Our earlier post about this important climate change rally has been updated.
The important changes are:
- Meet at 1pm on the tennis court (near the museum entrance)
- If you want food, please buy at one of MONA's eateries.

Here are the revised details, hope you can come along!

14 September 2014

An invitation from Goulburn St Primary School

The Goulburn St Primary School Association has extended an invitation to WHEN gardeners to join them at a gardening workshop on 21st Sept.  

They would also love to have community members help the children with the school vegie patch occasionally during the school week - so if you might be interested let the school know (or just make that known on Sunday 21st).


Wish you could grow more in your garden, but not sure how to start? Ready to reclaim your garden for spring and beyond?

The Goulburn St Primary School Association is delighted to have Christina Giuduci from FIMBY (Food in My Backyard, http://www.fimby.com.au) visiting the school to enthuse about growing food in the suburbs and give us parents lots of useful tips. Be at the vegie beds at the edge of the oval  1pm - 3pm on Sunday 21 Sept. to be inspired and skilled-up.

We'll move inside if the weather is challenging. Bring your friends (and surplus seeds, seedlings, cuttings etc). It's a great chance to meet other parents and community members, spend some time in the sun and (re)discover your inner Costa amongst friends. Kids welcome!

12 September 2014

Come and picnic at MONA on 21 September to support action on climate change

Come along to picnic on the lawns of MONA on Sunday 21 September
 to support the New York People’s Climate Rally.

Join the millions of people world-wide
 demanding real action on climate change.

In September, world leaders are heading to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution. 
The biggest climate rally ever will happen in New York, on Sunday 21 September, to demand: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.
  • Bring your family and friends to MONA - 1pm, Sunday 21 September
  • Meet at the tennis court at 1pm
  • Wear yellow (for renewable energy) or black (for climate grief) – or just come!
  • Bring your placards to support NY and the Australian Renewable Energy Target. 
  • Buy your picnic food and drinks at MONA.
  • Picnic on the lawns, visit the galleries, talk to people about climate change. 

Want to help? 

Email climateactionhobart@gmail.com or phone Heidi on 0401 295 970.

Send the flyer to your networks.

Sign up for the event here.

07 September 2014

Sustainable House Day, Sunday 14 September 2014

Great news!  There are seven houses around Hobart demonstrating aspects of living sustainably open to the public on Sunday 14 September.  Here's a list of them. Check out the houses available to look at, and use the map provided to locate them.

Here's one example:

This house is supported by the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Solar Council. It will be open on the 14th of September from 10am-4pm.
An example of an energy-efficient home design which can be achieved for any new house build on a modest budget.
This three-bedroom, single level home uses solar passive design – delivering a comfortable year-round ambient temperature that requires only occasional heating, even during the cold winter months. Features include:
- North-facing glass “wall” in the living area with polished concrete slab for thermal mass
- Dark tiles along north-facing bedroom windows
-Fully insulated slab, thermally-separated from footings
- Extensive insulation (under slab R2.4; slab edge R2.5; walls R4; ceiling R6/R7)
- Argon-filled, low-e double glazing with composite window frames
- Full-length opening windows and ceiling fans for ventilation
Energy Star rating 8.5

10 August 2014

A happy gardeners' group for West Hobart?

Resident Wendy has this great idea:  

For some time I have been interested in the idea of something that happens in New Zealand.
The idea that is a group of people get together and garden at someone's place once a month. A set monthly time is chosen for 2 hours. It is a roster system.
The person's place that the gardening is being done at only has to give tea/coffee.
The idea helps people like me who have a garden but know very little and also makes me go out at least once a month gardening with others and who in turn gets help from people who have a little more knowledge but would like help with their garden once in a while.
Happy to be part of a group to discuss this more.

What a good way to meet neighbours, learn more about plants and growing techniques, and have fun!  Anyone else interested in getting together with Wendy to talk about this idea and perhaps get it going in West Hobart?  

Respond to: whenvnet@gmail.com.

04 August 2014

Pruning skills shared, what's next?

Thanks so much to Greg for sharing his pruning expertise and tips at the recent WHEN pruning workshop.  After watching and listening to Greg,  the participants will never look at a fruit tree the same way again!  We pruned a cherry tree and a peach / nectarine tree that were both in dire need of attention.  We also took a look at a grapevine and some other trees in the garden including a lemon and an apple tree.

Those of us at the workshop who haven't previously seen Greg's productive garden are interested to see it!  Greg has kindly agreed to have an open garden on a date to be negotiated for anyone interested in coming along.

Do you have skills in an area such as food growing, worm farming,  seed saving, tool sharpening, home repairs, building things, sewing, knitting, clothing repairs, food preservation, green cleaning or any other skills that help make our community more self-reliant that you would be willing to share with WHEN members?  Is there a particular skill that you would like to learn? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback for planning future WHEN events.  Please drop us a line any time at whenvnet@gmail.com.

14 July 2014

Pruning workshop 26 July

Hi all!

The WHEN Gardening and Food group has organised a fruit tree pruning workshop for Saturday 26th July at 1pm.  If you are not confident with the pruning shears, why not come along and pick up a few tips?
Contact Trine on trinehooper@live.com to RSVP and get the address of the garden.

And here's a great idea from a recent ABCTV Gardening Australia show which solved a couple of problems in another West Hobart garden:

Di was sick of the blackbirds digging into the mulch on her sloping block and continually flicking the mulch onto her pretty gravel paths.  And it is time to prune the hazelnuts.  How's that for a bit of basket weaving?  She was careful to plant the sticks "upside down" to avoid growing a forest of hazelnuts!

08 July 2014

Wanted: coloured tiles, mirrors and glass beads

Goulburn St Primary School are developing their outdoor classroom (a new and exciting addition), and want to add Mosaics to one of the outside concrete walls. To do this they need a variety of coloured tiles, thin mirrors and glass beads. If you have any of these hiding away in your garage and are willing to donate please contact Krista on ph. 6234 5972. It would be hugely appreciated. 

All community members welcome to the opening of this new space on November 1st at 10 am.