22 November 2014

The Hobart Symposium - for all those who love gardens and gardening

The Lenah Valley Garden Club has arranged the Hobart Symposium for Sunday 15th February 2015 at the Tasmanian Hockey Centre (Bell Street, Cornelian Bay).

It is a whole day of thinking, talking and learning about gardens and gardening, with lots of interesting presentations from experts like Tino Carnevale and Jennifer Stackhouse.  

24 October 2014

Sustainable Living Festival, 8-9 November, PW1

Come and celebrate and GET CONNECTED.

Now in its 16th year, the Sustainable Living Festival has long been the highlight of the Tasmanian event calendar.  At SLF 14 we proudly present our first ever Saturday Night Party (in cooperation with friends MONA and Cygnet Folk Festival). 

At the festival we’ll have informative talks and hands-on workshops, cooking demonstrations, expert advice, live music, delicious food & drink stalls and art installations. We also have a number of fun kids activities lined up for our youngest festival visitors. The aim of this event is to provide inspiration and practical solutions to living sustainably and help nurture connections between individuals, organisations, ideas and the ecosystems which allow us to flourish.

So Get Connected and join us on 8th-9th November to get inspired and celebrate! 
10am - 4pm each day.

Why don't you ride down there?  Free, secure bike parking will be available, provided by Bicycle Network Tasmania.

For more information check out www.slt.org.au/festival.

For further information please contact: Michele Matthews, Marketing and Promotions  
03 6234 5566 or email michele@slt.org.au

20 October 2014

Vote for the Council you want

Just a reminder to get your vote into the mail so that it is received before 10am on 28 October.

If you haven’t received your ballot, contact the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701.

All the Hobart Aldermanic positions are being thrown open this election which reduces the quota a candidate needs to be elected, improving the chances for new blood on the Council.

Local councils are at the forefront of the issues we care about: climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable transport, waste minimisation, our native plants and wildlife, transparent financial management, the arts, social equality and caring for others.

If you are interested in sustainable transport, Bicycle Tasmania has conducted a candidate survey on this topic, and their assessment is here.

Vote for people who represent your views!
Thanks to Suzy Cooper for this brilliant graphic!

07 October 2014

Ride 2 Work Day, Wednesday 15 October

Ride2Work Day is fast approaching.  Ride2Work Day is Australia's Biggest National Riding Program,  encouraging people to contemplate, prepare for and try out riding to work, then to maintain that behaviour after the event. 

Ride2Work has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people choosing to ride to work, with an amazing 60 percent of new riders registered in 2013 still riding to work when they were surveyed five months after Ride2Work Day.

To get you motivated there will be a community bicycle breakfast before work with a spread of little breakfast tasters, tea and coffee and newspapers.

Hobart: The free Ride2Work Day Community Breakfast will be held at Mawsons Place between 6:30am-8:30am, with food provided by Bakers Delight, Australian Bananas, and cafe coffee by Shoebox Cafe. 

To register for Ride2Work Day via Bicycle Network (registering will help you prepare for your ride and put you in the draw to win a great selection of prizes), click here: https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/programs/178/ 

Here is the Facebook event if you would like to "join" there and see if any of your friends are going: Hobart event.

If you would like some tips on how to get started, visit: www.startriding.com.au, or if you have a specific enquiry, drop a line to Bicycle Tasmania on info@biketas.org.au.

06 October 2014

October's gardening notes

Sorry, hope these notes are not too late for your early October gardening energies!

And don't forget that Eve's Garden is open every Sunday now.  Her vegie and flower seedlings are just beautiful.  14 Petty St, West Hobart.

OCTOBERWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.x
Carrot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.x
Shallots/Spring onionsxxxx
Sweetcorn - pregerminate then sow directxxxx
Lettuce - Direct seeding and punnet to ground.xxxx
Runner Beans xxx
French Bush Beansx
Tomatoes - outdoors punnet to groundx
Zucchini- pots to ground. Put juice bottle over plantsxxx
 - pregerminate then plant in glasshouse in protected area
Leeks - for harvesting Feb to October. Plant a lot.xxx
Zucchini - pregerminate and plant in pots in propagator.xxxx

05 October 2014

Natureland in West Hobart!

Goulburn Street Primary School is inviting interested residents to the opening of the outdoor learning area:

                         A place to learn and a place to explore for the whole community.

                          Saturday, 1st November at 10 am.    RSVP:  Friday 17th October
                           to 62341884 or Goulburn.street.primary@education.tas.gov.au

The opening will be followed by a Village Green FAIR,    all welcome,   from 10.30 am till 2.30 pm.

Sounds fantastic!

WHEN's new Gardening Friends Group

A gardening group is a great way to connect with others in the community, improve your gardening skills and knowledge and perhaps even grow more food at home!

Those interested in the possibility of starting up a new gardening group are invited for coffee and tea to meet each other and discuss the idea at 3.30pm on Saturday 11th October.  Please contact trinehooper@live.com for address details if you are interested in attending.  

All welcome.

03 October 2014

Reclaiming Your Power, 5 October

Climate Action Hobart is running a workshop on 'Reclaiming your power' for everyone who feels dudded by government turning back the climate action clock, 5 October, 1-5 pm in the Philip Smith Centre, The Glebe. 

The program is available through the link below. 

Register by emailing your name and email address to climateactionhobart@gmail.com

23 September 2014

Rally for Renewables, this Friday 26 Sept, 12pm

We've been contacted by Amanda Sully & Jack Gilding, with this message:

I’m writing today with urgent news. As you know, the very future of solar and renewable energy in Australia is at risk. 

The Renewable Energy Target (RET), a hugely successful policy which says that at least 20% of Australia’s energy should come from renewable sources by 2020, has helped over 1.3 million Australians go solar. But next week Cabinet ministers will decide the fate of the Target and all signs suggest they want it gone. This is despite more than 80% of Australians being in favour of the Target.

Tasmania has enormous potential for economic development through future renewable energy projects and has the most to lose if the RET is reduced. Crucial decisions will be made in the next few weeks and the votes of Tasmanian Senators will be vital to a successful outcome.
The National Rally for Renewables will be held across Australia at key Cabinet Ministers’ electorate offices.  In Hobart it is:

DATE: Friday, September 26
TIME: 12 midday
LOCATION: Office of Senator Eric Abetz, 136 Davey St, Hobart

For further information or to assist contact Amanda Sully sully.amanda@gmail.com (0402) 570-788

Want to get into some Citizen Science?

A University of Tasmania Zoology researcher’s citizen science project wants to see how the public and scientists can work together to locate and provide wildlife refuges to prevent any further loss of species in Australia.
Dr Anke Frank said that, globally, Australia has the worst record for extinction of native mammals.
“In Australia and elsewhere, the natural environment is under threat from increasing urbanisation and people’s companion animals, primarily cats and dogs, which can cause additional stress and predation pressure on native species.”
Residents can participate in this citizen science project to help understand how important urban backyards are to wildlife, and the impacts of dogs and cats on backyard wildlife.
To participate, click here (it takes a max of 15 minutes).
For more information click here  or email anke.frank@utas.edu.au.