10 August 2014

A happy gardeners' group for West Hobart?

Resident Wendy has this great idea:  

For some time I have been interested in the idea of something that happens in New Zealand.
The idea that is a group of people get together and garden at someone's place once a month. A set monthly time is chosen for 2 hours. It is a roster system.
The person's place that the gardening is being done at only has to give tea/coffee.
The idea helps people like me who have a garden but know very little and also makes me go out at least once a month gardening with others and who in turn gets help from people who have a little more knowledge but would like help with their garden once in a while.
Happy to be part of a group to discuss this more.

What a good way to meet neighbours, learn more about plants and growing techniques, and have fun!  Anyone else interested in getting together with Wendy to talk about this idea and perhaps get it going in West Hobart?  

Respond to: whenvnet@gmail.com.

04 August 2014

Pruning skills shared, what's next?

Thanks so much to Greg for sharing his pruning expertise and tips at the recent WHEN pruning workshop.  After watching and listening to Greg,  the participants will never look at a fruit tree the same way again!  We pruned a cherry tree and a peach / nectarine tree that were both in dire need of attention.  We also took a look at a grapevine and some other trees in the garden including a lemon and an apple tree.

Those of us at the workshop who haven't previously seen Greg's productive garden are interested to see it!  Greg has kindly agreed to have an open garden on a date to be negotiated for anyone interested in coming along.

Do you have skills in an area such as food growing, worm farming,  seed saving, tool sharpening, home repairs, building things, sewing, knitting, clothing repairs, food preservation, green cleaning or any other skills that help make our community more self-reliant that you would be willing to share with WHEN members?  Is there a particular skill that you would like to learn? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback for planning future WHEN events.  Please drop us a line any time at whenvnet@gmail.com.

14 July 2014

Pruning workshop 26 July

Hi all!

The WHEN Gardening and Food group has organised a fruit tree pruning workshop for Saturday 26th July at 1pm.  If you are not confident with the pruning shears, why not come along and pick up a few tips?
Contact Trine on trinehooper@live.com to RSVP and get the address of the garden.

And here's a great idea from a recent ABCTV Gardening Australia show which solved a couple of problems in another West Hobart garden:

Di was sick of the blackbirds digging into the mulch on her sloping block and continually flicking the mulch onto her pretty gravel paths.  And it is time to prune the hazelnuts.  How's that for a bit of basket weaving?  She was careful to plant the sticks "upside down" to avoid growing a forest of hazelnuts!

08 July 2014

Wanted: coloured tiles, mirrors and glass beads

Goulburn St Primary School are developing their outdoor classroom (a new and exciting addition), and want to add Mosaics to one of the outside concrete walls. To do this they need a variety of coloured tiles, thin mirrors and glass beads. If you have any of these hiding away in your garage and are willing to donate please contact Krista on ph. 6234 5972. It would be hugely appreciated. 

All community members welcome to the opening of this new space on November 1st at 10 am.

28 June 2014

A change of name!? - Let's hear from our creative friends

At the recent solstice afternoon tea we took the opportunity to indulge in a bit of navel gazing.

Over our history (i.e. since 2008), WHEN has run a number of important and valued projects in the community. We are very proud of what we have achieved (just check out the history in this blog to see what we've been up to).  We've been active around Gardens & Food, Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Transport,  etc, and the ideas keep coming...   Of course there is much to be done if we want to succeed in building and maintaining a liveable, vibrant and optimistic community in West Hobart in the face of the environmental, energy, societal and financial challenges that are coming our way.

We agreed that we have a problem with our current name. (Indeed, some people have been saying this for a long time).  Our current name came out of an early workshop and was adopted largely because of its catchy acronym.  But as George Monbiot said recently, " “environment” is a cold and distancing word, which creates no pictures".    

We want to reflect through our name the positive vision that our supporters have at heart when they think about the future community they want their children to live in.   We want our name to contain the seeds to inspire our neighbours to bring their enthusiasm to the group and to take it forward with new ideas and projects.   So - we started brainstorming some key words and  ideas, such as :

Community,   Future,   Liveable Community,  Resilience...

Living West Hobart

Living Well in West Hobart

Growing West Hobart

Transition West Hobart (implies a commitment to joining the international Transition Towns movement)

Sustainable Living in West Hobart

Building a resilient West Hobart

Westies for the Future

West Hobart in Transition

in fact any of these could be followed by a tagline 

(such as ...a new leaf / local solutions to global problems / building a strongly connected community / growing the things we love / building a resilient community / .....)

Another idea being discussed is joining together with likeminded groups in the foothills of Mt Wellington to create a stronger group.  So the name may move beyond the confines of West Hobart... 

There are lots of creative people out there, can you take a few minutes to think about a better name for our group?  Or let us know if you like one of the ideas suggested above.   We're looking forward to hearing from you!!!  Leave a comment below, or drop a line to whenvnet@gmail.com.  Thanks!!!!

23 June 2014

What's coming up in West Hobart

Sunday's winter solstice meeting over yummy spiced tea and (too many) muffins confirmed a number of community activities in West Hobart in the coming year.  Take a look to see if there is something that takes your fancy.

1. Draught Busters in West Hobart - Take 2

Our highly successful Draught Busters project from last winter had some funds left over, so Margaret will be coordinating another (free) skills development workshop and arranging the purchase of the recommended high quality draught proofing materials (which will be available at half price) for project participants.    Contact Margaret via steadmanma@gmail.com.

2. Mary Meets Muhammed

WHEN and Sustainable Living Tasmania are hosting a free screening of this wonderful, inspiring and thought-provoking film - about the Pontville detention centre.  It will be screened on Sunday 29 June at 2.30 pm, at Sustainable Living Tasmania:  Level 1, 71 Murray St, Hobart. 
Give SLT a ring on 6234 5566 if you are planning to go - friends and family welcome.

3.  Bushfire Preparedness - revisited

WHEN coordinated several  Bushfire Preparedness tours in February this year, and residents learned important tips about preparing their homes and gardens to minimise the risk of bushfire spotting onto their own properties.  This year we will once again invite residents at the fringes of Knocklofty Reserve to discuss the risks and proven strategies.  Watch out for further information in this blog about this opportunity.

4. Fruit tree pruning

Trine suggested a pruning workshop, and offered her fruit trees as demonstration subjects.   Is there a resident who would like to show others how to do it?  And who else would like to come along?  Drop a line to whenvnet@gmail.com and we will organise a date that suits.

5. Bikelanes and traffic issues in West Hobart

Di suggested that WHEN join forces with Bicycle Tasmania to press for recognition of bikes as a healthy transport option for West Hobart residents.  We agreed there is also a need to work with Hobart City Council to find solutions to the traffic rat run through the area and the consequent safety risks for both children walking to school and older pedestrians.  The Transport Working Group will meet at 67 Newdegate Street at 3pm on Sunday 6 July.  Residents concerned about these issues are invited to come along.  RSVP via whenvnet@gmail.com so that we can plan for numbers expected.

14 June 2014

WHEN Solstice Afternoon Tea

WHEN's Solstice Afternoon Tea: 

Let's get together for a Solstice hot spiced apple juice or cup of tea. 

Tell us what you would like to see WHEN doing or just join us for a chat. 

Sunday 22 June3pmMargaret's place, 190 Goulburn St.

Mary Meets Muhammad screening

If you haven't seen this wonderful, inspiring and thought-provoking film - about the Pontville detention centre - this is your chance.   

WHEN and Sustainable Living Tasmania are hosting a free screening:
on Sunday 29 June at 2.30 pm
at Sustainable Living Tasmania:  Level 1, 71 Murray St, Hobart. 

Give SLT a ring on 6234 5566 if you are going - bring your friends and family.

13 June 2014

Gardening notes for June

JUNEWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Broad Beans (2nd planting)
Sugar Snap peas (2nd planting) pregerminate then sow   x
Snowpea (2nd planting)   x
direct sow and protect from birds until 100mm high
Garlic bulbs (after shortest day)    x      x
English Spinach (no Punnets - direct seeding only)   x   x

Draughtbusters rises again!

Did you miss out last year on the assistance to draught proof your home (with half price quality materials and advice)?  Here's our last story from the Draught Busters project 2013.

WHEN has some funds left over from the Earn Your Stars grant so let us know if you would like to make your home warmer and save on your power bills. 

Call Margaret on 0427 355 951 or email whenvnet@gmail.com