12 October 2015

Lansdowne Cres School Fair - Friday 13 November

What other school fair will have food on offer from the likes of :
  • MONA - Museum of Old and New Art
  • Smolt
  • Vermey's Quality Meats
  • The Italian Pantry- Hobart
  • Hill Street Grocer
  • Urban Bounty
  • Bury Me Standing Coffee Co.

 ++Twilight Fair: Nov 13 - 5-8pm++

Spooky, Superstitious and best of all, Sustainable.


03 October 2015

In the garden - October 2016

It was back to winter during the week but this weekend is to be hot.
I called in to Eve's Garden for some tomato plants on Sunday - they look very beautiful but I'm resisting the temptation to put them in the ground now! (10 - 3 pm every Sunday 14 Petty St - you can't get more local than that).

I'm still harvesting asparagus and collecting eggs every day from the bantams. The leeks are in.
Blackbirds are causing havoc in the seed beds as is their Spring style. I always forget to protect the beds until too late!

Here, are the October notes, from Greg's long experience of growing in West Hobart:

OCTOBER Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.

Carrot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.

Shallots/Spring onions x x x x
Sweetcorn - pregerminate then sow direct x x x x
Lettuce - Direct seeding and punnet to ground. x x x x
Runner Beans 
x x x
French Bush Beans

Kohlrabi x x x x
Tomatoes - outdoors punnet to ground

Zucchini- pots to ground. Put juice bottle over plants
x x x

 - pregerminate then plant in glasshouse in protected area

Radish x x x x

Lettuce x x x x
Basil x x

Leeks - for harvesting Feb to October. Plant a lot. x x x
Zucchini - pregerminate and plant in pots in propagator. x x x x

Best wishes

25 September 2015

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes....

It is that time of year again and Eve's Garden, 14 Petty St, is selling tomatoes and other vegie and flower seedlings this Sunday 27 September and each Sunday until further notice.

There will be a wonderful array of varieties. I can't wait to get tomato planting!
Elizabeth will have the plants for sale from 10 am to 3 pm. Might see you there.

Best wishes


12 September 2015

Hobart Council to seek reports on safer roads

It's been a month since our last update on our campaign to make our local roads safer for old and young, for pedestrians and bike riders.  You'll be pleased to know that your fellow residents and neighbours have been working hard to make some progress on this.  

The six monthly West Hobart Local Area Traffic Committee held in August had a very large turnout, with a strong contingent of residents including reps from Lawrenny Court, Lansdowne Crescent Primary School, WHEN, and Island Tyres.  Three Aldermen (Reynolds, Ruzicka, Thomas) attended to hear our concerns.  A strong resolution was agreed, to be put to the City Infrastructure Committee meeting the following week.

The City Infrastructure Committee received a strong deputation from West Hobart:
 - Margaret Steadman (West Hobart Environment Network)
- Michelle Cunningham (Lansdowne Crescent Primary School Community Association)
- Cynthia Archer and Bill Dalton (Lawrenny Court).
Additional Aldermen also attended this meeting to hear the issues and to contribute their views.

The Committee's primary agenda item concerned traffic issues around the intersection of Hill St and Arthur St, following the opening of the new Hill St Grocer.  Aldermen Reynolds and Ruzicka moved an amendment on behalf of the residents to propose, as part of the solution for this traffic problem, our proposal for a safer West Hobart (with a blanket speed limit reduction to 40kph and installation of a number of pedestrian crossings which would give pedestrians real priority).  
After a long debate, a recommendation was drafted to put to the full Council meeting of the following week.

On 7 September, Hobart Council passed the following motion:

1. A review of the traffic issues identified in the report attached to
Supplementary item 13 of the City Infrastructure Committee agenda
of 26 August 2015, in relation to the new ‘Hill Street Grocer’ store in
Hill Street, West Hobart, be conducted in six months time.

2. A report be prepared on options for safer pedestrian crossings in Hill
Street, West Hobart.

3. The Council investigate a 40 km per hour speed limit for all
residential areas within the Hobart municipal area.

4. The following notes of discussion arising from the West Hobart
Residents’ Traffic Committee, meeting conducted on 19 August 2015
be received and noted:-

(i) Recognising that pedestrian safety is the priority, the West
Hobart Local Area Traffic Committee (LATC) ask Council, as a
matter of urgency, to develop a safe traffic plan for West Hobart
based on the “West Hobart safe traffic zone” map produced by
the West Hobart Environment Network, as tabled at the LATC
meeting, including:
      (a) A suite of traffic calming measures that include defined and
safe pedestrian crossings (such as wombat and zebra
designs); and
      (b) A reduction in speeds to 40 km per hour for Lansdowne
Crescent, Hill Street and Arthur Street.

(ii) The LATC also requests that such a plan be developed in
consultation with relevant community groups, including on-site
consultation with residents at Lawrenny Court. The LATC also
recognises that the development and implementation of such a
plan within a reasonable timeframe, will require additional
Council resourcing.

5. That the report on these issues also consider a traffic roundabout or
traffic signals at the  Hill St /Arthur St intersection and other alternatives
including bike lanes.

As WHEN, the Lansdowne Cres School and Lawrenny Court have been presenting these issues to Council for several years now, and not (in our opinion) having our views respected and acted upon, we are not now sitting back to wait for these studies to be done and reports to be compiled and presented back to a committee meeting.  Reps of these groups are seeking to meet with the General Manager of the City of Hobart next week to discuss how the Council's resolutions can be implemented efficiently and effectively.

10 September 2015

Live & Learn Workshops

Live & Learn Educational Workshop 
Sustainable Living Tasmania is running a course over 7 workshops that cover each of SLT’s themes: building (and the built environment), energy, food (and growing), living, transport, waste, and water. 
Live & Learn is targeted at people who are already motivated to create change in their own lives and community and who are looking for knowledge, skills, motivation and support to help achieve an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

The course dates are: every Wednesday night from the 14th of October until the 25th of November, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The cost is discounted to $125 (closing soon, then the full fee of $139 is applicable). For more information call 6234 5566 or visit www.slt.org.au/live_learn.

08 September 2015

Sustainable House Day - this Sunday 13 Sept!

Great news!  There are seven houses available to visit this Sunday in the south of the State, and two in the north.  This is a great opportunity to learn from other proud homeowners about ways you could improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of your current (or your next) home. Or just admire what they have achieved :)

Check out the summaries  on the Sustainable House Day homepage, and decide which lovely homes you'd like to find out more about. There's a drop down list of the features of each house, so you can select those homes which demonstrate what you're thinking of doing next at your place.

What time is Sustainable House Day open?
Sustainable House Day 2015 runs between the hours of 10am to 4pm on Sunday 13 September 2015.  However, some homes may specify different opening times on their profile pages, so please check.

How do I obtain the addresses for the homes opening for Sustainable House Day?
To have access to the house addresses you will need to officially register as a visitor online.  Once you login to your user profile you will be able to see the addresses listed on each house profile. You can officially register here.

Do I need to book at each individual property before attending?
Generally no, but a homeowner may have specified differently on their individual property profile. So it is best to check the individual profile.

Does it cost to attend Sustainable House Day?
This is a free to gold coin donation event. Some homes may charge a small fee (gold coin donation) with funds put towards costs of preparing for the house open or for a nominated not for profit group or charity.  You can see on each individual profile whether a home has nominated to request a gold coin donation.

Are there any conditions of entry as a visitor for Sustainable House Day?
As a participant in Sustainable House Day, we ask you to respect each of the homes you visit and act as per the following conditions of entry:

  • Please officially sign in as a visitor to the home providing your full name, telephone number and email address
  • Please act in a respectful manner towards the homeowner, all volunteers and other SHD attendees
  • Please do NOT touch any property including furniture, objects, electrical items on the property, or personal items of others
  • Please ensure all children are monitored at all times onsite
  • Please remain in the allocated tour area of the home. You are NOT permitted to enter any areas that have been signed as private.
  • Please do NOT consume alcohol or food during the tour.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted
  • Please turn off/silence your mobile and refrain from answering or speaking on your phone during tours
  • Please make every conceivable effort to ensure your own personal safety whilst onsite.
  • Please ask permission before taking any photographs
  • You agree to any inspections of bags at the request of homeowners or volunteers.
  • In the garden please do not touch the plants.

01 September 2015

Alternative Technology Association, and Bank Australia

If you are already a member of the Alternative Technology Association ATA you will have heard about this new initiative.  If not, perhaps this is a good time to become a member!  ATA is all about supporting their members in making their homes and communities environmentally friendly. They can help you with installing solar power or a rainwater tank. Or help reduce your energy bills with guidance on energy-efficient lighting or insulation.

One area that may still need attention is your banking. While you have worked hard to reduce your home’s carbon emissions, the interest you pay on your home loan may be being used to invest in coal-fired power stations or other greenhouse intensive industries.

To help you in this area the ATA has teamed up with Bank Australia (formerly known as bankmecu) on an exciting new partnership.

Bank Australia is Australia’s first customer owned responsible bank and over the years has supported a number of ATA activities including sustainability webinars, Speed Date a Sustainability Expert, Sustainable House Day and their solar lighting and solar technician training program in East Timor.

Bank Australia is offering another way to support the ATA while helping you make the switch to a responsible bank. If an ATA member switches their home loan or take out a personal loan with Bank Australia, they will give a percentage of the loan amount to the ATA.

It is a win-win situation as you can:
  • Switch your home loan to a responsible bank and know that your home loan is not being used to fund carbon-intensive industries
  • Support the ATA with Bank Australia giving the ATA a payment for every member who switches [1]
  • Know that your home loan will be doing even more when ATA uses the funds to provide the unique and vital role of providing independent and practical advice for a sustainable future
To prove how serious they are, Bank Australia is offering any ATA member who switches their existing home loan or takes out a new home loan a competitive rate of 4.10%p.a. [2] (4.11%p.a. [3] comparison rate), one of the lowest on the market.

Switching your home loan is easy – a small amount of time to make a big impact. Sleep soundly while your home loan adds value to your bottom line without compromising your values.

Join ATA here.

And if an ATA member, if you are interested in having your home loan reviewed, please click here bankaust.com.au/ATA and complete the details. You will then be contacted by a specialist lender from Bank Australia who will help you through the process.

[1] It's a one-off payment of 0.40% of the loan value, but it doesn't affect your interest rate, fees or loan structure in any way.
[2] Variable rates correct as at 17/06/2015, however are subject to change at any time. Check www.bankaust.com.au for the latest rates. Offer available to new and existing borrowers. Excludes investment loans. For existing borrowers the new loan funds must exceed $100,000.
[3] The Comparison Rate is based on a loan of $150,000 for 25 years. Fees and charges may be applicable. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate

31 August 2015

A new Activist Centre in Hobart?

A new not-for-profit organisation called "The Activist Centre" is a Hobart based group wanting to establish a space and supportive network for activists and activist organisations. The centre will be run by volunteers and encourage new members to get involved either by use of the space or voluntary work within the centre. The centre will provide a space for already existing organisations within the environmental and social movement sphere, who don't currently have a space or the practical or personnel resources needed to best deliver their services/knowledge to the community.

A volunteer role would include a convenor of the space to give guidance and support to activists or members of the public which will promote already existing organisations, promote growth of new groups/orgs and encourage individual projects. The space will foster diversity to allow for collaboration and cross pollination of environment and social rights groups as we feel this is what is needed to build strength and support for the activist community, whilst allowing for engagement with the community.

The Activist Centre will be holding its first fundraising event this week (see the poster below). Come along and meet the group and hear more about their plans and hopes for the future of the Tasmanian activist community. 

Starting from the 18th of September we will occupy the space of Sustainable Living Tasmania Centre on Fridays as a chance for us to start a dialogue with the public and as a test run for how The Activist Centre will work. 

Fundraiser Event: 

What: Film Screening of 'Transition 2.0' 
Where: Sustainable Living Tasmania on 1/71 Murray St. Hobart 
When: 7 PM, 4 September

Event can be found on Facebook as "The Activist Centre Fundraiser-Transition 2.0". 
Also see poster attached. 

Watch the trailer here:  


27 August 2015

Community Forum, 22 September

The next in the series of Community Fora, organised by the Hobart City Council to improve communications between the residents and the Council, will be held on 22 September.

6.30pm for 7pm, at the Derwent Sailing Squadron, Sandy Bay.

 Click HERE for more details.

14 August 2015

Climate change - the risks we face

An excellent forum coming up on Monday 24 August, 5.30pm. 

I'm sure you have been wondering what the personal impacts of climate change will be, and who is responsible for doing something about them.  This forum will be a good way to get the information and to contribute to a discussion of where we go from here.

11 August 2015

Garage Sale Trail 2015

Want to get rid of some STUFF from your house/garage/garden? Our Council is once again supporting the Garage Sale Trail, a national day of garage sales, which will be held on Saturday 24 October.

Garage Sale Trail is free for shoppers and sellers. Anyone can get involved.  It’s for shoppers who want to find treasure, meet the neighbours and be part of the Reuse movement.  It’s for community groups, schools, charities who want to fundraise,  or simply households that want to declutter!
It’s free to register and made possible by the support of your local council. 

Using Garage Sales to declutter results in less waste going to landfill, and they are also fun!  You can get to know yoru neighbours, and get creative on how your trash could be someone else's treasure. Here's how one family will make use of the day.

There are more details about the program, and you can register here:  www.garagesaletrail.com.au

Would anyone like to organise a West Hobart community sale on behalf of WHEN?   Please offer, that would be fantastic!  Proceeds could go towards our campaigns, such as costs of getting people together (hire of venues, providing refreshments etc). 

08 August 2015

Our community springs into action on safety

Yesterday was a momentous occasion in West Hobart.  Cate Sumner, a local parent, organised an  impressive gathering of representatives from local businesses, schools, community groups and residents groups to explain our mounting concerns on traffic safety and residental amenity to the Lord Mayor Sue Hickey, Aldermen Anna Reynolds and Suzy Cooper, and Director of Infrastructure for the Council, Mark Painter.

We started at the southern end of Lansdowne Crescent, where reps from Island Tyres and WH Post Office described the traffic conflicts they see on a daily basis.  At this hilltop intersection, students need to cross Hill St towards Lansdowne Crescent school and towards Guilford Young College, and the daily school bus to Taroona High collects and disgorges students.  The Hill St ratrun, the crest of the hill, and clear sightlines across to Patrick St actually encourage drivers to speed northwards through the roundabout.  Observers have noticed that some drivers don't actually brake here, actually they accelerate through the roundabout!!!  Parent Alastair, who lives in Bathurst St, would love for his kids to be able to walk to school on their own, but due to the unsafe crossings on the roads they need to be accompanied or driven to school every day. Yesterday we heard about another accident involving a Lansdowne Crescent student at the corner of Poets Rd and Lansdowne Cres.

At Lansdowne Crescent School, a teacher and reps from the School Community Association of that school, and reps from Friends School and also Taroona High, talked about the issues facing their children as they come and go from school.  Common complaints were the speeds and congestion on the whole Hill St ratrun, meaning there is often no gap between the cars when children and their parents are attempting to cross the road.  The pedestrian refuges installed by the Council (kerb bulbs and median islands) are worse than useless, as drivers are not required under road law to slow down for these crossings, and are actually not permitted to stop and give way.  These crossing installations are truly refuges, not traffic calming measures.  Children and parents are forced to try and pick a tiny gap in the traffic flow and scuttle across one lane, and repeat this risky business to cross the second lane.

At Lansdowne Crescent school, there is not even a zebra crossing, although they do have a 40kph traffic light operating during the peaks at start and end of school, and a lollipop man at these times.  Bill, who had been waiting for the end of school to collect his granddaughter, said he had observed drivers exceeding the 40kph limit on Lansdowne Crescent that very day.   

Residents Cynthia and Bill from Lawrenny Court described how congestion at their corner of Hill St and Arthur St had further increased due to the opening of the enlarged Hill St Grocer, and reported a couple of incidents in recent times.  They feel very unsafe crossing Hill St at the new median island crossing, as crossing the road quickly is no longer an option for them. In addition, increased traffic on Arthur St now means they have greater difficulty crossing there to get to the North Hobart shops.

For those who have come in late to this conversation, the Lansdowne Cres SCA, Lawrenny Court residents and WHEN have been raising these issues over a number of years at West Hobart Residents' Traffic Committee meetings.  The problems and some proposed solutions have featured in recent WHEN posts. In particular, our proposal to trial West Hobart as a safe community, with wombat crossings at critical crossing points, supported by a blanket 40kph speed limit across the suburb, was a key focus of discussion yesterday at these meetings.  All local residents and school reps supported the proposal.

Cate had also organised for almost all WH businesses and community associations to send formal letters to Council calling for action on traffic safety across West Hobart broadly, on top of the recently agreed (and very welcome) measures to calm traffic in the vicinity of Caldew Park.

The Lord Mayor and Aldermen couldn't help but be impressed by these letters and what they saw and heard yesterday.  It is our understanding that a motion calling for analysis of the Safe West Hobart proposal and a strategy for achieving it will be presented at the next City Infrastructure Committee with the support of the Lord Mayor.  Many thanks to Cate for mobilising the community around this issue.

06 August 2015

The Wings of the Sun, Sunday 23 August

The movie 'The Wings of the Sun'  is being screened in Hobart as part of Science Week. 

Come along and watch the story of the amazing construction and record-breaking journey of "Solar Impulse", the solar powered plane which flew across America in 2013.  This was the first time in history that zero-fuel flights were achieved between continents and through the night. The screening is in support of the current attempt to fly its successor "Solar Impulse 2" around the world.

Join us for the amazing construction and record-breaking journey of ‘Solar Impulse’, the solar-powered plane which flew across America in 2013. - See more at: http://www.scienceweek.net.au/wings-of-the-sun-record-breaking-solar-powered-aircraft/#sthash.fZfprqEX.dpuf
shows the construction and testing of the record breaking ‘Solar Impulse’ solar-powered aircraft. - See more at: http://www.scienceweek.net.au/wings-of-the-sun-record-breaking-solar-powered-aircraft/#sthash.fZfprqEX.dpuf
shows the construction and testing of the record breaking ‘Solar Impulse’ solar-powered aircraft. - See more at: http://www.scienceweek.net.au/wings-of-the-sun-record-breaking-solar-powered-aircraft/#sthash.fZfprqEX.dpuf
shows the construction and testing of the record breaking ‘Solar Impulse’ solar-powered aircraft. - See more at: http://www.scienceweek.net.au/wings-of-the-sun-record-breaking-solar-powered-aircraft/#sthash.fZfprqEX.dpuf

Where: Stanley Burbury theatre, University of Tasmania
When:  Sunday 23 August, 6pm - 8pm.

More details here:

31 July 2015

Next: how do I double glaze the windows?

So, your house isn't warm enough yet.

You've done all the obvious:
- insulated walls and ceiling (and floor?)
- put pelmets on your windows and hung some close fitting curtain/blinds
- insulated the hot water pipes (ummm...)
- draughtproofed your windows and doors (courtesy of the WHEN Draught Busters program)

- what else could you do?

Well, you could come along to the DIY Double Glazing Workshop at Sustainable Living Tasmania on 26 August.  You will learn about a range of cheap and easy ways you could retrofit double glazing to different sorts of windows. You'll be cosier in no time!

Where:  Sustainable Living Tasmania, 71 Murray St, Hobart
When:  Wed 26 August 6pm to 7.30pm

Get your tickets via the Facebook event.

Adding Winter Windows

30 July 2015

Gardening notes for August

Thanks to Margaret for her lovely messages from the garden.

The daffodils have been flowering for weeks, the daphne is filling the air with perfume, the chooks are laying again and I think the green manure patches may be about ready to dig in, ready for spring plantings.
I've just been to WA for the 21st birthday of a grandchild - it seems just yesterday he was a toddler in my back garden discovering that he can make footprints on the path from a puddle. The cycles of the seasons and of us humans are a real comfort in a crazy world!

Here are the August planting notes - lots to do:

AUGUST Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Parsnip - keep damp 3 weeks plus to germinate

x x
Carrot - keep damp for 3 weeks,  start picking mid Dec x x x x
Radish x x x x
Beetroot - not too many as often goes to seed Nov/Dec x x x x
Shallots/Spring onions x x x x
Celeriac - keep damp 3 weeks plus for Autumn/Winter x x x x
Mini Cauliflower "Garant" - punnet into ground x x

Lettuce - direct seeding and punnet into ground x x x x
Sugar Snap Pea and Snow Pea - 3rd planting.  x

pregerminate then sow direct. Protect from birds to 100mm


 Into Punnets
Tomatoes - for greenhouse only
x x x
Celeriac - keep damp 3 weeks plus x x

Capsicum - for greenhouse planting only
x x
Lettuce x x x x

28 July 2015

Update on safer roads campaign

What are these wombat crossings that we are talking about?

As zebra crossings are almost non-existent in Tasmania, most of us are not sure what a wombat crossing with zebra markings would look like.  Your roving reporter has just returned from a visit to the northern beaches of Sydney, where they are commonplace.  Here are some photos:

On a descending street (Lawrence St) in Freshwater (one of several examples in this shopping centre)

At The Esplanade, Manly

On North Steyne, Manly Beach

There are numerous other examples, near schools, in shopping centres, anywhere where pedestrians and vehicles are likely to clash.  Drivers are well used to them, and they certainly offer protection to people crossing the street.  They are usually accompanied by the yellow "walking feet" signs.  There are all sorts of arrangements at the kerb, from kerb bulbs to mini garden beds.  Some have a cut through the kerb bulb so that cyclists can ride over the crossing safely without being forced into the path of cars.

Another dangerous spot identified
A couple of residents of Poets Rd have let us know that the intersection of Poets Rd, Lansdowne Crescent and Allison St is another danger spot.  They say this area is "quite busy with pedestrian traffic (young and old), especially before and after school. 

Poets Road
Sight lines are obscured by the blue house built to the footpath edge, and opposite is a very high fence. One corner even has steps! The other squeezes in a bus stop, phone booth and frequent stops by drivers ducking across the road to The Lansdowne Cafe. 
Drivers coming down Poets Road, do so at alarming speed. Drivers going up Poets Road, speed even faster! - (if their car is up to it). 

We need traffic calming measures like trees in the road centre and a safe place to cross. It is difficult to cross with a pram.

Allison Street
The cafe corner is very busy. The bus stops directly at the front of the cafe and the outdoor patrons. When a second bus stops opposite - we all hold our breath and squeeze through.
The other corner is definitely a candidate for a 'kerb bulb'. We know of one Lansdowne student hit by a car crossing this road."

15 July 2015

Sustainable House Day 2015 - want to nominate your place?

This year the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is partnering with EnviroShop to hold Sustainable House Day on September 13.

Sustainable House Day is Australia’s largest national sustainability event giving people the opportunity to see and learn from the best environmental homes.

One important change this year will be an upgrade to the Sustainable House Day website to improve it for participating homeowners, local groups and attendees.

ATA has now opened online registrations for:  
  • Homeowners with homes that have environmentally sustainable features – to open them and host tours
  • Sustainability groups and local councils – to host or co-ordinate local homes and volunteers and/or ancillary events.
Participating homeowners can now officially register and submit their own house profiles via the event website.

The deadline for home registrations is July 31, 2015

If you have an existing house profile from SHD 2014 (Please note: addresses were taken off the website after SHD 2014 as required by organisers, so you may need to use a few different search terms to locate your profile.)
  • Once you locate your profile, click into the profile and scroll down until you see Claim this house. Click on this.
  • An email will then automatically be sent to organisers to allocate this property to your profile. Once your property has been allocated and approved you will receive an email notification it has been added to your profile and updated to 2015.
  • Please log in back to your profile and update your profile information accordingly. 
If you do NOT have or cannot locate an existing house profile from SHD 2014
  • From the my profile page, click on the Create New House Profile button at the top right hand corner
  • Complete the new house registration form
  • Once submitted the form will automatically be sent to the organisers for approval.
  • Once officially accepted you will receive an email notification regarding acceptance and the house profile will be allocated to your user profile. 
We also request you please refer to the T&C’s of participation below: If you are experiencing problems with the website or registering online, please contact Jodie North at Jodie.north@envirogroup.com.au and we will address these issues as soon as possible.

13 July 2015

Gardening note for July

JULY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting) Takes a month to show x x x x
English Spinach (no punnets - direct seeding only) x x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x x x
Small Cabbages - punnet into ground x

Small Cabbages - direct seeding x

Mini Cauliflower "Garant" - punnet into ground x x x x
Lettuce - direct seeding x x x x



Lettuce - from  punnet into ground when ready.