18 June 2018

Love our streets West Hobart - Street Party! - Sat 30 June

Come along to a celebration of living in West Hobart.  Meet old and new friends and neighbours!  See who's doing what, and join in!

Fun activities for all to enjoy include:  a kids' area (designed by local kids), gardening stalls, book & music exchange, yummy food, clothing swap, e-bike show and tell, plus a busking & performing stage. 

There will be stalls and activities presented by us (WHEN), Lansdowne Crescent School, the Council's Love Our Streets West Hobart team, and others.  

We'll be hosting a Gardening stall - bring any surplus plants or seed to share.  

We'll also be hosting an E-bikes Show and Tell  - have you been thinking about getting an e-bike to conquer West Hobart's hills?  Talk to people who do it and love it, to find out how.  If you already ride an e- bike, do bring it along and swap tales.

For updates follow the Facebook group 'Love our Streets West Hobart' or check out www.hobartcity.com.au/westhobartevent.


18 March 2018

Residents' Traffic Committee - next mtg Tuesday 20 March

If you are interested in what is happening with transport and traffic in our community, you might like to pop along to a meeting of the local Residents' Traffic Committee.  These are convened every few months by the City Council.  A couple of staff come along to provide info on what is happening on the roads, and a couple of Aldermen usually attend as well.  There is always room for more residents!

Here are the minutes of the last meeting.

Here is the agenda for the next meeting:



Tuesday 20 March 2018
5.30pm at the Library, Lansdowne Primary School, Gourlay Street, West Hobart

Aldermanic Representatives:
Alderman Thomas
Alderman Briscoe
Alderman Reynolds

Agenda Items:

1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Confirmation of Previous Meeting Notes
4. Business Arising
    4.1 West Hobart Local Area Traffic Plan
    4.2 Hill Street and Arthur Street Intersection
    4.3 Transport Strategy
    4.4 Local Retail Precinct Plan
    4.5 Parking at Lawrenny Court
5. Permanent Items
    5.1 Illumination of footpaths
    5.2 Potholes – please report any potholes to 6238 2836
6. New Business
7. Date of Next Meeting: TBA

08 March 2018

Hill Street improvements are on their way!

Some of us were starting to wonder what was happening with the Hill Street Improvements project. 

[If you came in late, you can see the history of this issue if you click on the red Transport Choices link at the top of this page - you will then see all the posts on this page that have to do with our Transport campaigns].

In the latest City News, the paper newsletter that goes to all residences in the City of Hobart, I spotted this welcome little item:

Yay!!!   It seems that the works will begin in April.  Of course, if the working teams required for this job are tied up on the Mellifont St improvements at the moment, there might be a delay...

Speaking of which, isn't it lovely not having all that rat run traffic streaming along Hill Street for a while?!  It's a lot more comfortable walking and riding around West Hobart at the moment (like it should be).


24 February 2018

Love our Streets West Hobart - community meeting

Many of us have heard about the Love our Streets West Hobart community project. This is a Council project aimed at fostering creative activities in our community in order to to enhance walkability and bring the streetscape to life with colour and fun.

Community members have suggested ideas via https://yoursay.hobartcity.com.au/westhobartconnect?tool=news_feed or have sent the coordinator, Amanda Midgeley an email.

Some of the ideas have included: a street party, more decoration of fences, urban art walls, seating, history conversations, intergenerational art project, project with the school, street market and more!

Amanda is now inviting us to a community meeting so we can hear more about these ideas and look at how as a community we can make them happen!   There are two sessions available, so that as many people as possible can fit it into their schedules.

Activities will be provided for children, and they are also welcome to join the conversation.
Please invite your neighbours!

Thursday 1st March

4pm – 5pm  and   6pm - 7pm 

Lawrenny Court meeting room, 131 Hill St, West Hobart.

17 February 2018

URGENT: Support the Wombat crossing in Hill Street, please!

Residents may recall that our City Council undertook to implement improvements on Hill Street in this current financial year.  These improvements were listed on this previous blog post.

As part of this implementation, Council has now advertised the trial Wombat crossing, on the north side of the Pine Street roundabout (from the pharmacy towards the school), for any public comment.  This is the advert (and apologies for the very late notice on this):

As you can see, responses are due in by Monday 19 February.  My understanding is that this means by close of business on that date, but this may be wrong (can anyone confirm this?).  Anyhow, best to get your response in ASAP.

Responses can be emailed to coh@hobartcity.com.au, marked to the attention of the Manager Traffic Engineering.  You could provide a copy to the General Manager, Nick Heath, to make certain of your message getting through:  heathn@hobartcity.com.au

Here are some thoughts you could use in your response:

I fully support the installation of a Wombat crossing (i.e. a pedestrian zebra crossing with a road hump) in the vicinity of 111 Hill Street, West Hobart.

This Wombat crossing, in association with the other changes being made at the same time which will moderate traffic flow along Hill Street, will assist in the slowing down of traffic on this busy street and will support the eventual introduction of a 40 km per hr speed limit in this residential area.  It will give legal priority to pedestrians crossing the street here, and this will help children and older residents to cross.  This improvement, with the other changes included in this package, is long overdue.

On 5 August 2015, the (listed below) 13 businesses, 6 schools and Lawrenny Court and Hamilton Place Residential Facilities for the Elderly located along Hill St and Lansdowne Crescent sent letters to the Hobart City Council on this issue

They requested that “the Hobart City Council consider the most appropriate placement of non-signalised crossings that allow for right of way to pedestrians along Hill St in the context of providing the necessary traffic infrastructure to implement the new 40 km/h zone.”

 On 18 November 2016 a community workshop held at Lansdowne Crescent PS- "Walk This Way" - highlighted some good ideas on how to make West Hobart more walkable.  Residents and schools reps at the workshop also came away convinced by the additional data and examples presented that the Council's plans for Hill Street should include:
  1. zebra crossings (which give pedestrians a legal priority under our current Road Rules)
  2. located at the two intersections at either end of Lansdowne Crescent
  3. and preferably on raised tables for additional protection.
Members of the Hobart City Council City Infrastructure team joined the West Hobart community and Lansdowne Crescent Primary School parents and friends in a count of students crossing Hill St on 16 March 2017.   These numbers of vehicles and pedestrians more than satisfy the minimum requirement accepted by the Department of State Growth for installation of a proper Pedestrian Crossing (i.e. zebra crossing).

It is wonderful to see that the raised traffic crossing is now happening, and I urge Council to install it as soon as possible to assist students crossing to school.

The local businesses and stakeholder signatories to the 2015 letter to Council:

1.               Hill St Grocer
2.               Hill St Gourmet Meats
3.              West Hobart Amcal Pharmacy
4.               Melt Café 
5.               Staley & Son Framers
6.               Christians Automotive
7.               Island Tyres
8.              Verde Karen Wagner Design
9.               Hill St Express/ West Hobart Post Office
10.            Marquis Hotel/ West Hobart Fine Wines
11.            Paesano Pizza
12.            Lansdowne Café 
13.           Lansdowne Physiotherapy
14.            Lansdowne Crescent  Primary School
15.            Taroona High School
16.            The Friends’ School
17.            St Virgils College Junior School
18.           Guildford Young College
19.            St Mary’s College
20.            Lawrenny Court and Hamilton Place Residential Facilities for the Elderly

13 February 2018

City Deal Transport Forum - this Thursday - 6pm, Town Hall


There are more details of the forum here.  The focus of this forum, with lots of expert advice from professionals in the areas of urban development and transport planning, will be on the northern suburbs transit corridor project and the housing development opportunities it will present
But of course if this takes off, there will be benefits for all, including West Hobart - we can expect some of the northern suburbs "through traffic" to switch to an efficient rapid transit option.

Do come along to the forum and hear the latest on the proposal.  Just ring up and book your seat/s:

09 January 2018

Cat Tracker

This information was received via Iona Mitchell, whose contact details are below.

The University of South Australia is running an innovative ‘Cat Tracker’ project Australia-wide.  The project tracks the movement of pet cats and interviews their owners.  The aim is to learn about the roaming behaviours of pet cats and to help cat owners make decisions about their cat’s care and welfare.  Even if you are not a cat owner, you can still fill out the survey to provide your views on cat ownership, part of this project's objectives are to find out more about social attitudes to cat ownership and cat management.

A light-weight GPS tracker (like the one in the attached photo) is placed on a cat’s collar or harness, and its movement over a 24 hour period is recorded.  The information is downloaded and displayed on a map - to show you exactly where your cat roams!  This enables you to check on your cat’s safety e.g. is it spending time near roads; identify its favourite sleeping, hiding and roaming places; and find out if it is entering other people’s homes to be fed!  Kids also love to learn where their furry-friends like to spend time.

The great news is that ‘Cat Tracker’ is coming to Tassie in early 2018 and the project is looking for cat owners to interview and cats to track.   Have a look at the Cat Tracker website http://j.mp/Cat-Tracker and to get started - you can fill in the cat owner survey.  You can fill out the survey even if you do not own a cat.  Pass this email on to anyone you think may be interested in participating.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project please contact the project team at the University of South Australia: discoverycircle@unisa.edu.au or (08) 8302 9999.

Here are some interesting findings from the South Australian project which tracked over 400 cats and interviewed more than 3000 cat owners:
  • Of the 428 cats that were each tracked for at least five days, the distance they roamed ranged from about 0.1 to 31 hectares, with a median of 1 hectare (approximately 10 average 1/4 acre residential blocks).
  • Male cats and non-desexed cats roamed the furthest, and 88% of the cats tracked had larger home-ranges at night.
  • They compared sedentary cats (roamed < 1 hectare) and wandering cats (roamed > 1 hectare). Wandering cats crossed more roads each day, showed more signs of being in fights and were more often seen with prey. Wandering cats were also typically younger and had less stimulation (e.g. toys, scratching posts, opportunity for play) provided by their owners.
  • 177 cats that were described by their owners as being kept inside overnight were tracked, and it was found that 39% of them roamed over 1 hectare at night.
  • Most respondents reported that cats roam in their neighbourhoods and 40% thought that these cats were a nuisance. The major concern was fighting with, or scaring their pets. 
  • The study compared the personalities of indoor and outdoor cats and found their personalities to be very similar, suggesting that there is no negative impact on a cat’s personality when it is kept indoors. 
  • The report gives interesting advice about cats with different personalities, for example, a ‘skittish’ cat may benefit from having hiding spots at home or an ‘outgoing’ cat (curious & active) may benefit from additional toys and play time. 

Iona Mitchell

Tasmanian Land for Wildlife Coordinator
Gardens for Wildlife Coordinator
Coordinator Community Engagement (Biodiversity)
Private Land Conservation Program
Natural and Cultural Heritage Division
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 44, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001
Ph: 03 6165 4409
Mb: 0418545970

04 December 2017

Gardening notes - December

December planting notes

Sorry these are a little late, but then again we've lost a few days to incessant rain!

DECEMBER Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Silverbeet - punnet, pot to ground, or direct seeding x x x x
Brussel Sprouts - punnet, pot to ground or direct seeding x x x
Kale - punnet, pot to ground or direct seeding
x x x
Cabbage - punnet, pot to ground or direct seeding
x x x
Brocolli - for March
x x
Swedes x x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x x x
Lettuce x x x x
Kohlrai x x x x
French Bush Beans x x x x
Climbing Beans - Last chance as on the limit. x

x x x
Sweetcorn - last chance as on the limit. x


Lettuce x x x x
Brocolli - punnets or pots for winter
x x
Cabbage - punnets or pots for winter
x x
Cauliflower - punnets or pots for winter
x x

01 December 2017

Hobart's Climate Change Strategy Review


Climate Change Strategy Review

The City of Hobart is undertaking a review of its Climate Change Strategy and welcomes your input on how the City can work with the community towards a low carbon future and respond to climate change impacts. 
Please read the two background papers: Managing Hobart’s Carbon Footprint and Responding to Climate Change and complete the online survey before 5 March 2018 to have your say. The City will also host two community forums in mid-February 2018, we hope you can participate, RSVP here

15 November 2017

Love Our Streets West Hobart

Great news - from November 2017 to April 2018 the City of Hobart is working with the community in West Hobart, designing creative activities to enhance walkability and bring the streetscape to life with colour and fun.  All community members are invited to join in to design and implement this project.

The project is designed to show people driving through our suburb to realise that - hey!  there are people living here!

We can share our ideas online about what we and our friends could do to activate the street, or look for other people to join in a project, or suggest something that the Council could coordinate.  Just go to  the Council's Your Say Hobart webpage.   Log in (or register if you haven't been in there before) and then go to the LoveOurStreetsWestHobart page.

Community-based activity is important to increase walking in local areas. When residents feel socially connected to their neighbours and part of a strong community they are more likely to walk and spend time in their street.
With the community activating West Hobart, through events, activity and art, the traffic travelling along the streets should slow down.
Even the everyday way that front yards are used can contribute to street activation. Simple ideas could include planting a vegetable plot in your front yard, or having dinner on your front verandah (and perhaps inviting the neighbours!).

Rossmoyne Street in Thornbury (Victoria) is a great example. The community hosted a scarecrow competition in their street which helped to slow down traffic - and the residents got to know each better!

The first idea to hit the streets is a Sea of Sunflowers.  Packets of sunflower seeds are being distributed to residents - just sow them in your front yard!  Soon we will see splashes of colour all along our streets.

The first community gathering is a Fence Weaving party.  On 30 November, at West Hobart's Train Park between 3:30-5.30pm, be there and join in the fun!

31 October 2017

November in the garden

Planting notes for November, from West Hobart gardener Greg S.

NOVEMBERWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter x

Carrot - large direct sowing cropping Feb to Oct.xx

Swedes - for winter

Shallots/Spring onionsxxxx
Climbing Beans 
French Bush Beansxxxx
Sweetcorn - xxxx
as ground is warmer, can dispense with pregermination

Silverbeet - for winter

Leeks - punnet to ground
Brussel Sprouts and Kale - direct seeding

Zucchini- pots to ground. xxx
Basil - punnet to ground xxxx

Punnets or Individual Pots

Brussel Sprouts


Silverbeet - for winter




24 October 2017

Council supports safety improvements on Hill Street

It is very gratifying to be able to report that, on 2 October, our City Council approved unanimously the recommendations of the City Infrastructure Committee to build some safety improvements along Hill Street.  The agreed resolution, taken from the Minutes, is included below.

These changes will make Hill Street more friendly to people walking and riding, by adding more generous pedestrian crossing points, more clearly defining the traffic lanes, and marking some on-road bikelanes.  There will be a bigger safer bus stop near Lawrenny Court, and a wombat crossing will be trialled at the chemist/Smolt Kitchen corner.  There will be more kerb ramps to make it easier for prams and wheelchairs to navigate our streets.  A lowered speed limit will be requested from State Growth once these works are complete.

As you know the community has been agitating for some years now to make our neighbourhood streets safer.  A collaborative effort by the schools (Lansdowne Crescent leading the way), local businesses, and residents groups (such as West Hobart Environment Network) has finally been effective in swaying our Council Aldermen and civil engineering staff to move forward along the path to safer, more inclusive streets. 

While the community wants to go further and faster, with immediate assistance for children walking to school, a more positive attitude to wombat crossings, and more connections to bikepaths to help people to ride to work and school in safety, this current project is a significant step forward for our neighbourhood.  It should have a desirable effect on average traffic speeds along Hill Street, reducing them noticeably.  This will greatly improve the comfort of the immediate residents and the safety of all pedestrians and bike riders using or crossing Hill Street. 

We look forward to seeing the works start, and finish (!), and to trying out the wombat crossing.


That:   1.    The revised concept design for pedestrian crossing points, median lane and bicycle lanes (marked as Attachment D to item 6.6 of the Open City Infrastructure Committee agenda of 20 September 2017) be implemented.
2.    The Transport Commissioner be requested to consider a 40 km/h speed limit for Hill Street (between Molle Street and Arthur Street) following the implementation of this project.
3.    The findings of the Midson Traffic Report (marked as Attachment C to item 6.6 of the Open City Infrastructure Committee agenda of 20 September 2017) be endorsed and the following recommendations be adopted:
(i)      A trial implementation of a wombat crossing across Hill Street (on the northern side of the Pine Street roundabout) be undertaken, subject to further consultation with directly impacted property owners, residents and businesses and all statutory advertising and approvals.
(ii)     Results of the trial, including recommendations on the installation of two additional wombat crossing in Hill Street (at both Warwick Street and Patrick Street), be the subject of a further report.
(iii)    Further surveys of pedestrians and pedestrian types over a longer period (i.e. one school week) be done at the Patrick Street roundabout and the results forwarded to the Transport Commissioner for consideration of a children’s crossing and adult crossing guard.
(iv)    Traffic signals not be implemented at the Arthur Street / Hill Street or Patrick Street / Lansdowne Crescent / Hill Street intersections at this time.
4.    The required funding for the installation of wombat crossings at Warwick Street and Patrick Street (if not trialled) be listed for consideration in the 2018‑19 Annual Plan, with installation contingent on a successful trial and future resolution of Council.
5.    The Transport Commissioner be requested to provide assistance as may be required with the implementation of an awareness and education campaign regarding the use of wombat crossings.
6.    Midson Traffic be requested to provide a briefing to the community on the outcomes of its report.
7.    A media release be issued by the Lord Mayor and the Chairman of the City Infrastructure Committee.

19 September 2017

Save money on energy efficient product buy

All southern councils have teamed up with Sustainable Living Tasmania’s ecohomeguide.com.au to create the Home Energy Bulk Buy for energy-efficient heat pumps, hot water services, insulation, LED lighting, solar panels and other products.

Buying in bulk brings down the cost per item. Products chosen for the buy will be based on quality, price and performance.

If you are interested in buying an energy efficient product in the coming months, you can register your interest at ecohomeguide.com.au
The Home Energy Bulk Buy will be available at the same time as the Tasmanian Government’s Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme that has three-year interest-free loans of up to $10,000 for individuals to install energy-efficient and renewable-energy equipment. For more information about the loans visit auroraenergy.com.au/teels

To register go to Ecohomeguide.com.au

There will be a workshop at Sustainable Living Tasmania on 4/10/17 to talk about the bulk buy and heat pumps (which will be open in October). You can RSVP here.