07 March 2010

Come to our next meeting 28 March 2010

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 28th March, 3 pm, in the Lansdowne Crescent School hall, when we will be screening two films: "In Transition" and "The Story of Stuff". Come and find out more about how communities around the world are responding to climate change, and how you could become involved. After the films we will have a cuppa and some discussion on next steps for our group. See you there!!

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  1. Sunday, 28th March is Neighbour Day!
    Neighbour Day is an annual event to celebrate happy, connected communities across Australia. People will be getting together with their neighbours for barbecues, street parties or just to say hello.

    National Neighbour Day was founded by Andrew Heslop , in 2003, in response to the story of Elsie Brown an elderly woman who was discovered in her home in Melbourne, 2 years after her death.

    This tragic event inspired Andrew to encourage people to connect more with the people that live around them.

    Neighbour Day is a chance to reflect on those close to you that might need a little help. It's also an opportunity to say thanks to all your great neighbours for being there when you needed them.

    For more info visit http://www.neighbourday.org/ and check out the guide 'How to Celebrate Your Community on Neighbour Day'