10 April 2010

Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree at Goulburn St School
It was my first visit to the "produce swap" because I'd never really had an abundance of any garden produce before.

I was greeted by a few who had arrived earlier than I and we sat around and chatted.
One by one, others arrived, proudly added their offerings to the array of crisp greenery that was accumulating.

We chatted about the uses of the various vegetables, herbs & fruit, how best to prepare them, what health conditions they improved, which herbs go with what etc.

There was also a discussion about how to make cider! How to juice the apples, what to do about excess pulp, hazards of bottling and the most important question, what does the term "Bottle until ready" really mean!!!

I can't wait till I get something else to take down to swap - but then again, maybe I'll just go down to catch up with my new friends!

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