22 September 2010

Solar Hot Water Forum 2008

From the WHEN archives:  We had a very worthwhile Solar Hot Water Forum in 2008 with about 75 people attending. Thank you very much to all who were involved in making the day such a success. Six suppliers attended the event and five of them have offered discounts to those who were there or who are members of WHEN. Please let them know that you are from the group if you contact them.

Here are the details of the offers (in alphabetical order).


Mark Rickard,
6224 0166
I am happy to offer 5% discount off the quoted system prices to all WHEN members, and if 10 or more systems are ordered by members of your group, then I will rebate to you a further 5%. To get much more than 10% I would need to get a sizeable order - for maybe around 30 or so systems, I could give 15%. There's not that much margin in them, particularly as I already give 5% from each system to Eco Tasmania the not-for-profit, who use that money for lobbying, education, etc.
See: http://www.apricus.com.au/ for details about the Apricus systems.



Neil Edney,
Ultimate Hot Water Pty Ltd
We can offer $100 off the installation price.  For orders of 5 we can offer a $200 discount off the RRP per system and this can be paid using our Easy Pay Plan or payment on completion.  For orders of 10 or more systems we can offer a discount of $400 per system with payment via cash, cheque, visa or mastercard only.
See : http://www.ecosmart.com.au/ for details about the Ecosmart systems.



Mal Blood,
Sackett Services,
37 Derwent Park Road,
Derwent Park
6272 7776
I am offering a special price of $500 dollars off the normal system price for group members.
See : http://www.hillssolar.com.au/arbitrage/pages/Home for details about the Hills Solar systems.



Aaron Sommerville,
CGA TAS Pty Ltd,
159 Main Road,
Solahart is offering a $400 discount until the 30 September 2008. Also, if you can get at least a group of three people to buy and install three systems in one street within two days there can be savings of about $1000 per group off of the installation price.
See: http://www.solahart.com.au/default.asp? for details about the Solahart systems.


Rob Manson,
Electricians Shed,
45 Burnett Street,
North Hobart
6231 0002
Yes, we can offer discounts for bulk purchases. Please have any one interested contact me via email or phone or come into our shop.
See: http://www.sunplussolar.com.au/ for details about the Sunplus Solar systems.

Remember the responsibility is yours to check out the pluses and minuses of the various systems. Please send me an email if you would like a copy of a sheet containing buying tips.

Making our Homes Sustainable

John Carpenter, convener (6231 6349)
Carol Graham
John Hunter
Cindy Hull
Tricia Viera
Justin Welch
The group welcomes new members. 

As their next activity, the group is looking at running a demo home energy efficiency audit in someone's home and possibly doing another forum around rainwater tanks. If you would like to offer your home as the venue for the home audit or if you are interested in being part of the rainwater tank forum team, please contact John on 6231 6349. 

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