28 March 2011

WH Map group meeting 23 March 2011

The walkers have finished surveying West Hobart, and have come up with a list of over 160 shortcuts /points of interest /issues of concern, together with their coordinates, which is very impressive. We had a visit tonight from Nick B., who has considerable experience with building maps for rogaining and orienteering. When we introduced him to our project, his view was that we would get the best results with the assistance of a professional mapmaker. Margaret and John will approach a mapmaker who Nick recommended, and get some samples of formats and overlays for the group to look at.

Meanwhile group members were asked to consider preparing some information on the history of West Hobart, and/or to describe their favourite walks (and why) for the obverse side of the map.

The high traffic levels encountered by parents taking children to Lansdowne Crescent School were discussed. There is a need for a "lollipop person" at the northern end of Lansdowne Crescent.

Margaret and Di will prepare a submission for funding for the Walking West Hobart map under the Community Development Grants of the Hobart City Council.

It turns out that the community consultations around the Jan Gehl liveable city plan will mainly be via community survey. However, the Council staff managing the project are available to come to community group meetings to discuss the plan. The group agreed WHEN should organise a community meeting focussed on the Gehl plan. Margaret to see if Waterworks and SH groups want to be involved in this.

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