26 June 2011

Gardening news update from Miriam

1. OPENIDEO – Community sourced solutions address the disconnect between food production & consumption

This is a link to the crowd source social enterprise site OpenIDEO. The particular brief here and its community sourced solutions address the disconnect between food production and consumption- I'm thinking there are some beaut ideas here that may be applicable to Hobart and surrounds?

http://www.openideo.com/open/localfood/winners-announced/ .

Contact: Ruth Howard: ruth.howard@education.tas.gov.au

2. Our Food Our Hands Our Future – Horticulture Course – 18th August – 20 October

“Our Food, Our Hands, Our Future”. This course goes for 10 weeks for an incredibly cheap rate of $90 for Feeding the Future members. This course is for anyone who is interested in learning how to set up/enhance a community garden/kitchen for the purpose of teaching people at risk of food insecurity how to grow and cook their on food. Is this YOU, do you know anyone who would like to do this course? If so can you please send this email to them.

Please note this is a Nationally recognised training certificate 1 course in horticulture. We have some very exciting personalities teaching this course such as:

· Tino Carnevale

· Marcus Ragus

· Kirsten Bacon

· Laurie Miller (to be confirmed)

· ....and other professional horticulturists from the Royal Botanical Gardens

For more information contact:

Louise Sullivan

Feeding the Future
39 Leura St
ROSNY 7018
04181222 22
03 62444 918

3. Opportunity for Community Gardens - SBS Documentary

Hello to you all,

We're producing an online documentary and social media project for the SBS Australia food website on community gardens. The idea is to follow a garden from beginning to harvest and feature the fresh produce grown in that garden and the cultural, familial and/or spiritual stories that modern Australians associate with the recipes they cook using their garden-grown fresh produce.

We have a garden here in WA that we will follow, but an integral part of our project is having other gardens and allied groups from around the country contributing stories, recipes, pix etc about their own garden and their food/cultural experiences.

As persons interested in community gardening, sustainability and food I am issuing you an invitation to become part of this project and/or to find out more. I would love to hear from you if this sounds like an exciting project that you and/or your community group/organisation would like to be a part of. If you'd like to know more you're most welcome to contact me at this address and I can send you an extended synopsis of the project. Or you can give me a call if it's more convenient.

We're very excited about the potential that our project offers to bring like-minded people together and document and celebrate the wonderful outcomes that can grow from gardening and food. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Rob McGlynn

PS feel free to pass on this email to anyone who you think might be interested in participating.

media + communications
39d harvest rd
north fremantle wa 6159
0407 161 045

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