11 August 2011

Walking West Hobart map - Meeting 10 Aug 2011

A good meeting, energised by the terrific news that Hobart City Council have funded our submission for Walking West Hobart to the tune of $1700. Sustainable Living Tasmania will hold the funds for us and pay our bills as we present them. All good!

We agreed on map size as A3, and we can afford a likely print run of 1000.

We agreed on the main design features of the map, including title, credits for HCC and WHEN, keys below the map, how to fold it, what to place on the "front" and "back" "covers", what (roughly) to place on the large reverse of the map. We agreed to remove the numbers from the red dots and just have general titles for the businesses e.g. grocer, pharmacy, doctor, butcher.

We agreed that we would engage Maria as our Designer (thanks Maria!).

Margaret will forward Di's "Appreciating the Past in WH" to Brendan Lennard for historical editting.
Maria will do final edit of both this and James Boyce's lovely essay.

We thought of some loop routes for some "folksy" walks to feature on the reverse of the map e.g. historical loops.

We need some photos of walkers and vistas in West Hobart. Ideas: happy, walking, shopping, kids in Friends Park... Each of us to provide some for choosing from.

Maria and John will run through outstanding ideas and edits for the map and pass back to Margaret . Margaret to collect edits and notes, contact the mapmaker and ask for an updated edition.

When the updated edition comes back, the whole group to work together to finalise the details. We're getting close to the final product!

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  1. Congratulation! Looking forward to the end product!