23 November 2011

Steering Group meeting 22 Nov 2011

Today we discussed future directions for WHEN, in the context of the imminent 'Changing Gears' weekend at Nubeena, and the current environment of economic scarcity, which is making increasing numbers of people concerned about their and their family's futures.  Is the timing right for raising the issues of food security and Peak Oil, and for promoting positive responses such as Re-Localisation? 

We discussed possibilities for West Hobart around local food production, including creating a community garden, and promoting Community Supported Agriculture.  We discussed engaging with the retired community through assisting with energy audits and growing food.  A more visible and fairly central meeting place would be great, a sort of community centre to provide a base for projects and meetings.

The group agreed to go ahead with adopting a more formal structure for the group, so that there is a more visible public organisation representing the broader interests of the West Hobart community.

We will hold a public meeting in early March 2012 with the theme of Localisation, at which we will launch the new Walking West Hobart map and present a positive approach to developing solutions to issues which may be worrying people. 

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