03 December 2011

Update from GAF - from meeting 26th November

The next working bee at Lawrenny Court is on Monday 5th December at 3pm. There are already half a dozen residents keen to have help with their gardens this month. Come and meet your neighbours, enjoy an hour’s convivial gardening and finish with afternoon tea. Meet at the hall, 131 Hill St. Please RSVP by Sunday 4th so Lawrenny Court has an idea of numbers for work and scones, and we can let you know if we have to cancel.

Greg Summers enchanted us with the information that while an ounce of silver is worth $US31, brussel sprout seeds are worth $US364 an ounce.

The produce exchange / shared afternoon tea will be held on the first Saturday of each month, beginning on January 7th in the little park / playground on Lansdowne Crescent. If there are gluts at other times, we can link members via our mailing list. 

Is anyone interested in bulk purchasing of manure or mulch? Does anyone know a good source of either of these commodities, or where you can get compost worms cheaper than 3 cents a head?
We all love visiting gardens. Would anyone like to be visited? Tidiness is absolutely not a criterion. We can bring afternoon tea to share.

If anyone would like a working bee, please let us know.

Headhunting! Does anyone have any skills they’d like to teach? We’re approaching one member who’s successfully possum-proofed a garden, and an artist who might be willing to show us how to make creative garden artefacts, like bean-tepees that don’t fall down.

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