24 March 2012

Update from GAF 19 March

March Produce exchange
Apples, plums, lemons, greens, herbs, much conversation and three kinds of chocolate were traded in a well-supported March produce exchange. A highlight was the arrival of the "gournet gatherers" with a crate of jams, sauces and chutneys. If you have excess produce you'd like to donate, or know of any crops in public space that need harvesting, Amanda and Steven would like to hear from / trade with you: gourmetgatherer.blogspot.com

The next produce exchange will be on Saturday 14th April. If you'd like to volunteer to hold the space, bring a blanket, crowd-control, please contact Miriam or Annie. Is 4pm too late once the clocks have gone back?

Where to from here?
Miriam and Annie, after three and a half years, are both ready to lay down the day to day running of GAF. Would anyone - or two - like to volunteer for this role? Any ideas about future directions? Does GAF need to compost down, lie fallow, be pruned, have its roots manured, have a growth spurt? Tell Miriam or Annie what you think.

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