07 April 2012

Tread Lightly EnviroFest, Botanical Gardens, Sunday 22 April

The fifth Tread Lightly EnviroFest will be on at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday 22 April, 10am to 4pm.  The theme this year is:  Live life with a small footprint.     This will be a great opportunity to learn about simple and easy ways to become more sustainable in your everyday life – at home, at work, at school, out and about in the community.

There will be exhibitors talking about community living, energy efficient choices for the home, sustainable gardens, delicious foods made from home-grown produce, and lots more.  The living area will include areas such as community gardens and waste reduction, including hazardous household waste, while the thinking hub will include a wide variety of speakers on different topics, including a debate on sustainability. The Food for Thought area will once again showcase an amazing array of local produce.

And more!!!   There will also be vegie seedlings available for sale, featuring heirloom vegetables that will grow during the colder months and can be used in cooking during the winter. The plants for sale will be in the glasshouses near the ABC Vegie Patch, and here is a list of seedlings and various plants that are available. 
Chinese Broad Leek
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna
Chinese Cabbage Tatsoi Deep Purple
Leek   Carentan
Broccoli Di Ciccio
Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok
Lettuce Australian Yellow
Broccoli Green Sprouting
Lettuce Gourmet Allstar
Broccoli Romanesco
Miners Lettuce
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved
Cornsalad Large Dutch
NZ Spinach
Brussels Sprouts Red Ribs
Cornsalad Verde de Cambrai
NZ Yams
Bunching Onion Evergreen
Onion Gladalan white
Bunching Onion Natsuyo
English Spinach Medina
Perpetual capsicum
Bunching Onion Red Beard
Fig Black Genoa
Burdock Takinogawa long
Fragaria vesca Fraises des Bois White strawberries
Persicaria odorata Vietnamese Mint
Cabbage Cabeza Red
Globe archichoke
Cabbage Golden Age
Grape vines
Cabbage Red Express
Hops      Pride of Ringwood
Cabbage Sugarloaf
Horse radish
Cape Gooseberry
Kale Dwarf Blue Curly
Salsify Black Duplex
Cape Gooseberry Golden Nugget
Kale Lacinato
Salsify Mammoth
Kale Lacinato
Spinach Mountain Red
Cauliflower Snowball Early
Kale Red Russian
Cauliflower Violet Sicilian
Kale Siberian
Triple Parsley
Chichory Aries
Kale The Gulag
Ugni molinae Chilean Guava
Chichory Travisio Red
Kale Two Peters

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