06 May 2012

Let's get a car sharing service in West Hobart

Have you heard about car sharing services?       The way this works is:  when enough locals register as interested in using the service, the company locates a car in the neighbourhood.  When you want to use the car, you book it online.  Simple.  You get all the benefits of a car, without the hassle or expense of owning one!
GoGet is an example of a car sharing service. The company says:  With low hourly rates – you can book a car for as little as an hour - you can forget about rego, insurance, petrol, and everything else that goes with owning a car.  For every GoGet car, 9 private cars are taken off our roads, making our cities more liveable. 
Are there any other companies like this we should take a look at?  Let us know!  Check them out, and if you are interested, register your interest.  If enough of us register, we can put West Hobart on the car sharing map!

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