15 June 2012

Calling all WH growers and cooks

Hello fellow local food growers,

I'm writing to you from South Hobart Sustainable Community. Our food growers group have long been talking about creating a cookbook, and we are now committed to getting it happening!

Would you like to participate in this project, and make it a Mount Wellington Cookbook? (name still in planning!)
So far, our plan is to collect/collate recipes, particularly for the foods that we grow in abundance in our local area. The zucchini is our current working mascot, because when they're on they're ON, we all have them in abundance, we can't give them away, and we run out of ideas for what to do with them all! Hence the
attached draft designs use our beloved zuch example!!

Our current idea is to include recipes that we really use, including preserving ideas, growing hints, and household hints where appropriate. We estimate the books will cost somewhere between $15 and $30 each, depending on the amount of colour we use, and we're investigating grants that could provide a subsidy.

At this stage, your participation might mean:
~ helping to collect recipes and images (photos and/or illustrations),
~ whatever input you'd love to give in the planning stages, and
~ selling/distributing the finished book, so perhaps creating ownership among the local community in the process of production (eg local school community participating in recipes and/or drawings).

We would welcome your consideration and comments.

Warm regards,

Cindy Aulby (email), Ben Terry and Debra Russell

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