23 August 2012

Inaugural West Hobart Open Gardens Day

Our first Open Gardens Day went well.  The gates to four interesting WH gardens were thrown open on the day, and the weather was lovely.  About 15 visitors made the rounds, to check out vegie gardens and grill their owners about how they did it, what worked for them, etc.    People caught up with old acquaintances or made new friends, and there were lots of friendly conversations about gardening and 'life'.

Margaret followed up a week later via email to GAF members:
* several people asked Greg S about his choice of tomatoes. He has very kindly provided a note on good tomato varieties, tested over many summers by Greg
* a couple of people indicated that they were interested in getting soil tested for heavy metals (especially lead) following my experience in my garden - only relevant if you are growing food and are concerned about the possibility of toxic residues in the soil. Testing can be done at Analytical Services Tasmania, 18 St John's Ave, New Town; phone 6239 7003. You need to collect sample jars from the Lab.and testing costs $44 per test plus an admin fee. (This was the cost 2 years ago).  I'm happy to coordinate if there are a few folk who want to test their soil - email me at whengaf@gmail.com if you are interested.

What a great day and an inspiration to make this a regular event!

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