25 September 2012

Our way of life, in Transition

"Our way of life in Transition" was the title of an excellent article in today's Mercury.  Peter Boyer introduces to readers what groups like ours are doing:

As you read this, chances are that somewhere in Tasmania the Transition movement is working on your behalf.....

and lists some of the many ways in which groups like WHEN are engaging in our communities: 

They might be drumming up support for the next local festival, monthly communal feast or food market day, or arranging bulk purchase of insulation or solar panels, or a community gardening roster.
They might be planning a ‘‘Be the Change’’ forum or a traditional skills workshop, or organising a visiting speaker, or lobbying for safer pedestrian and cycling facilities, or agitating for electricity supply systems that monitor usage and reward frugal users.
Or they might be discussing a whole new way for our communities to operate—things such as visionary plans for towns and transport systems, or local currency for local needs, or new ways we can grow and distribute food, or generate and conserve energy.

He reflects on the broader strategic directions of the movement, and also on the challenges we are encountering on the way.  Recommended reading!

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