10 September 2012

Phone apps to send alerts to local authorities

If you have a smartphone, and you might want to take action to tell an authority about an issue, here are a couple of Apps you might be interested in.

Snap Send Solve
is useful to advise your local Council about issues with streets, potholes, signs, vandalisation, rubbish etc.  For example, you are walking along and you see that a tree has fallen over a footpath, or a street sign has been vandalised.  You can open up Snap Send Solve, take a photo of the problem, add some words and when you hit "Send", an email will be sent to the Council immediately.  Turnaround on such alerts is apparently very quick, indicating that the message is directed to the relevant team fast.
This app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Bike Blackspot
is a new app produced for the Greens, which can be used to report bike blackspots and provide feedback about cycling infrastructure and safety issues.
This is only available for iPhones at present.

Do let us know of your experiences when you try these apps!

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