20 March 2013

URGENT: Tasmanian Solar Feed-in-Tariffs at risk

West Hobartians, please take note:
The Tasmanian government is restructuring electricity retailing in this State, to take effect from 1 January 2014. Associated with these changes it is highly likely that the existing fair feed-in tariffs for rooftop solar panels and other small renewable energy technologies will be reviewed and lost or reduced.

The most immediate way that communities can take action is to make submissions to the Energy Reform project right now.  Even a short email of support for the retention of existing feed-in tariff is useful – you do not have to write a detailed submission.

If you have solar PV installed on your roof or are thinking about doing so, you should read this very informative summary of what is happening here: background information PDF.

And then make a submission!  The deadline is only two days away - no need to make it overly complex.  There is an outline of what you might like to say at the end of the above document.

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