11 October 2013

Spring de-cluttering!

Tasmanian Garage Sale Trail 

Across Tasmania on Saturday 26 October households, businesses and organisations are encouraged to take part in the Garage Sale Trail, so that all the Garage Sales in the community are on one day. For more information, visit www.garagesaletrail.com.au

You can also sell stuff

and give stuff away on Freecycle

And if all else fails:

Free tip trip weekend

The following weekend (2-3 Nov), Hobart City Council offers their annual free entry weekend into the tip. This is for Hobart residents only and only domestic quantities of waste materials will be accepted, such as a standard ute or box trailer.  To gain free entry, simply show your driver’s licence to the Tollbooth operator to verify you are a resident of Hobart. 

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  1. A review of this event showed that it was quite a success. Participants could register their sale on the website and ensure their items were listed and displayed online prior to the event. There were 32 sales registered in the Hobart area. On average each seller generated $323 from their sale. Each sale disposed of an average of 71 items, which roughly equates to 8 shopping trolleys of items which might otherwise have ended up as landfill. Sounds like a good thing to get into next time around!