27 January 2014

Bushfire preparedness Assessment exercise, Saturday 1st February

Are you and your house
ready for bushfire?

It’s been a relatively mild summer so far but we know that could quickly change.

With the help of the Tasmanian Fire Service, Hobart City Council and two local households, the West Hobart Environment Network has organized a demonstration home fire assessment showing us how to prepare our homes to reduce the risk of bushfire and how to prepare ourselves and family in the event of local bushfire.

Sat. Feb. 1 Two houses will be assessed (walking distance apart), beginning at 9.30am, 51 Poets Rd, West Hobart. The session should take about an hour.

(Note that both gardens have some steps.) If you need more information, phone Margaret on 0427 355 951.

Also, check out the Tas Fire Service website, where a wealth of information is provided on steps we should all be taking to reduce the risk of fire in and around our homes.

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