05 January 2014

Planting notes for January

Dear Gardening Friends

Feeling very pleased with myself that I've remembered the notes before the beginning of the new month! And here we are back to the beginning again.

I hope you are enjoying your gardens and produce. I have a great crop of boysenberries this year, though they have pretty much made my garden path unpassable with their prickly growth.

I've been clearing growth from right next to my weatherboard sunspace and trimming the highly flammable bushes from under my eaves with an eye to the coming bushfire season.

With best wishes for a productive 2014 in your garden.


JANUARYWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
French Bush Beans (last chance)x
Swedes (last chance)x
Shallots/Spring Onionsxx
Lettuce (last chance to grow to decent size)xxx
Cauliflower   P to Gx
Cabbage  P to Gx
Broccolli  P to Gx
Cabbage (direct seedlings small style cabbages)xxx
Lettuce - last chance before winterxx

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