06 October 2014

October's gardening notes

Sorry, hope these notes are not too late for your early October gardening energies!

And don't forget that Eve's Garden is open every Sunday now.  Her vegie and flower seedlings are just beautiful.  14 Petty St, West Hobart.

OCTOBERWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.x
Carrot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.x
Shallots/Spring onionsxxxx
Sweetcorn - pregerminate then sow directxxxx
Lettuce - Direct seeding and punnet to ground.xxxx
Runner Beans xxx
French Bush Beansx
Tomatoes - outdoors punnet to groundx
Zucchini- pots to ground. Put juice bottle over plantsxxx
 - pregerminate then plant in glasshouse in protected area
Leeks - for harvesting Feb to October. Plant a lot.xxx
Zucchini - pregerminate and plant in pots in propagator.xxxx

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