20 October 2014

Vote for the Council you want

Just a reminder to get your vote into the mail so that it is received before 10am on 28 October.

If you haven’t received your ballot, contact the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701.

All the Hobart Aldermanic positions are being thrown open this election which reduces the quota a candidate needs to be elected, improving the chances for new blood on the Council.

Local councils are at the forefront of the issues we care about: climate change adaptation and mitigation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable transport, waste minimisation, our native plants and wildlife, transparent financial management, the arts, social equality and caring for others.

If you are interested in sustainable transport, Bicycle Tasmania has conducted a candidate survey on this topic, and their assessment is here.

Vote for people who represent your views!
Thanks to Suzy Cooper for this brilliant graphic!

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