30 December 2014

Gardening notes for January 2015

Dear Gardening Friends
Well here we are again, at January.

My garden is yielding the best crop of boysenberries ever; the rain has made them larger and juicier than ever - my favourite berry.

Here are the January notes. Happy gardening:

JANUARY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
French Bush Beans (last chance) x
Swedes (last chance) x
Turnips x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x
Lettuce (last chance to grow to decent size) x x x
Cauliflower   P to G x
Cabbage  P to G x
Brocolli  P to G x
Cabbage (direct seedlings small style cabbages) x x x
Cauliflower x
Lettuce - last chance before winter                   x x

With an eye to the rest of summer and potential bushfires, remember to clean up around your house - such as creepers and bushes under your eaves and give some thought to your bushfire plan. There is a lot of information at this website:

Best wishes for a fulfilling 2015.

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