09 June 2015

Update on traffic speeds at the train park

As of today, we are advised (via the Lord Mayor Sue Hickey) that the Government has told Hobart City Council that Council may be permitted to reduce the speed limit in the vicinity of Caldew Park to 40kph, on the proviso that additional infrastructure is implemented to assist in the reduction of traffic speeds.  Council has contracted engineering firm GHD to advise on what additional measures might be involved. 

At lunchtime today Tuesday (in the cold and rain!) Alderman Anna Reynolds and LM Sue Hickey met with several residents at the park to brief the media on this.  Southern Cross TV, WIN TV and The Mercury were there, which was good.  The residents' reps were Di Elliffe (WHEN), Amanda Staley (Melt Cafe) and Helayne Short. Di told the media about WHEN's longstanding concerns about the increasing volume and speed of through traffic in this residential area which has lots of pedestrians, both old and young.  We think Council needs to make a decision that in principle Hill St should not be a "collector road" (and can therefore have a lower speed limit applied) and start working towards encouraging drivers to go by other routes or modes.  Amanda talked about her concerns at the traffic speed and seeing several near misses outside the cafe.  Helayne started the petition of residents calling for a reduction in the speed limit after spending some time in the cafe and witnessing the problem.

Di will be meeting Elise Archer obo the Minister Rene Hidding tomorrow, and we hope to have the Government's position confirmed then.

It is looking very promising at this stage!

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