08 July 2015

A plan for a safer West Hobart

WHEN has been putting some thought into how to reduce the impacts and dangers to our community arising from the increasing numbers and speed of through traffic using our neighbourhood as a transit route.

We are very pleased that Council has shared our particular concern about the threat to children accessing Caldew Park on the corner of Hill and Warwick Streets and has agreed to reduce the speed limit here to 40kph.  We have offered to assist in any way possible in the development of appropriate traffic calming measures in that area.  This is currently with external consultants GHD, we understand.

There are also other locations in West Hobart which have been raised with us as being dangerous places for kids and older citizens to cross the road.  Council's current response is to add kerb bulbs and central pedestrian refuges at such points.  We believe a broader approach is required.  Pedestrian refuge islands do not slow the traffic sufficiently to ensure that our vulnerable family members can cross the road safely.

We've produced a safe traffic map for West Hobart  to help Council to locate the particular places of concern and to describe a different approach that could be adopted.  Note: explanatory text boxes come up if you click on the particular icon or area in the map.


We believe a package of strategies is required to improve safety in West Hobart and to make it easier for drivers to shift their transport choices, including:

- a blanket 40 kph speed limit through the area
- wombat pedestrian crossings at the worst danger points (these are ramped pedestrian crossings with zebra markings) at strategic points so that kids and older people can safely cross the rat run to get to school or the local shop
- retain the existing bus route, and promote active transport
- maintain consideration of a future bikelane, and promote active transport.

We plan to raise this approach for discussion at the next West Hobart Residents' Traffic Committee.
Let us know (drop a line to whenvnet@gmail.com) if you know of other danger spots, or have other feedback.

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  1. This msg was received from Trine:
    Great work trying to get that plan tabled for the next traffic meeting agenda.
    Today, the kids and I were almost hit by a car driving at an inappropriate speed through the roundabout down Warwick Street - he didn't even slow down at all when he saw us. Bloody dangerous.