11 August 2015

Garage Sale Trail 2015

Want to get rid of some STUFF from your house/garage/garden? Our Council is once again supporting the Garage Sale Trail, a national day of garage sales, which will be held on Saturday 24 October.

Garage Sale Trail is free for shoppers and sellers. Anyone can get involved.  It’s for shoppers who want to find treasure, meet the neighbours and be part of the Reuse movement.  It’s for community groups, schools, charities who want to fundraise,  or simply households that want to declutter!
It’s free to register and made possible by the support of your local council. 

Using Garage Sales to declutter results in less waste going to landfill, and they are also fun!  You can get to know yoru neighbours, and get creative on how your trash could be someone else's treasure. Here's how one family will make use of the day.

There are more details about the program, and you can register here:  www.garagesaletrail.com.au

Would anyone like to organise a West Hobart community sale on behalf of WHEN?   Please offer, that would be fantastic!  Proceeds could go towards our campaigns, such as costs of getting people together (hire of venues, providing refreshments etc). 

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