10 November 2015

Update on our campaigns on road safety in West Hobart

Just a quick update.

1.  Caldew Park - safety of children using the park
Council and State Government have agreed to reduce the speed limit in the vicinity of the train park to 40kph.  This will be applied in a small zone next to, and on the approaches to the park.  So drivers approaching on Hill St or Warwick St will have to reduce their speed about half a block away.

At the point where the speed limit changes, there will be advisory signs to alert drivers, and a kerb bulbout as a physical reminder on the road itself.  We expect that these works will take place any day now.

2. The Hill St rat run
Since our most recent update,  your community reps have been successful in lobbying the General Manager of the City of Hobart to engage external consultants, as a matter of urgency, to provide the report requested by Council on 7 September.

On 28 October, several residents met the consultants and showed them the local issues via a walking tour of the area.  The consultants met parents and staff at Lansdowne Cres Primary School, and then met residents of Lawrenny Court.  While on the walking tour, a number of passers by worked out what we were doing and came and shared their concerns with the group.

We expect that the report will be going to Council soon.

3.  Hill St Grocer corner
Council's infrastructure services staff are continuing to monitor the issues here.

On a recent walking tour with Aldermen Helen Burnet, we suggested that a No Parking line be painted on Burnett St on the Lawrenny Court side, from the intersection down to the first driveway.  This is to improve the sightlines for drivers and pedestrians turning and crossing here.  Alderman Burnet arranged for the line to be painted.  The line was started, but could not be completed due to cars being parked there at the time.  We are still waiting for this to be completed.

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