18 January 2016

Sparrows - what do you know?

WHEN received an email on behalf of Elizabeth Sheldon from the Bird Behaviour Research Team from Macquarie University. 

Brief details of this research project:

''The Bird-behavior research team from Macquarie University is currently researching invasive birds in Tasmania, and we are asking for your help! We are asking you to answer 10 quick questions about the birds in your garden. Your insights will help us understand how introduced species are effecting native birds in Tasmania, and what landscapes they thrive in. 
We are trying to get an insight into how sparrows interact with people and the environment and thought a quick questionnaire could be very helpful. The questionnaire is about garden characteristics and bird-life in gardens. 

mobile phone: 04-5153-2403'

If you would like to participate in the survey, you can download the questionnaire from here
Please send completed questionnaires to elizabeth-louise.sheldon@students.mq.edu.au.
Contact Elizabeth directly for more information if you would like.

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