29 February 2016

The garden in March

Here are Greg's March planting notes - can't believe it is time to plant broad beans already!  Might wait a bit for mine. 
My tomatoes are still going; they are yummy though there are not enough to bottle. I'll buy some local tomatoes for that - it's a point of honour for me to use my bottled local tomatoes in soups and pasta sauces over winter. The basil is going to seed so I'll save some and try growing from seed next year. 
Greg is selling yum toms for $3.50 /kg and slightly blemished ones for sauce etc for $2.50 /kg.
Contact him on email sumbodyelse@bigpond.com  or phone 62310707

And don't forget Elizabeth Lelong's wonderful seedling and plant sales every Sunday, in Petty Street, in Eve's Garden.

If Greg sells out, you can also get sauce and heirloom tomatoes from Anne-Marie Mobbs, a market gardener at Cambridge.  Contact her on  0428 444247.
Have you had a good summer in your garden?

Cynthia from Lawrenny Court is keen to organise a West Hobart Spring garden competition for some community gardening fun. She needs some help so if you would like to join a planning team, email me at the WHEN GAF address with your phone number and I will pass that on to Cynthia.

Best wishes

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Broad Beans (1st planting) x
Spinach x

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