09 April 2016

Update on improving road safety in WH

Our last update was on 12 March.

What's been happening since:
  • Council have formally advised us of the outcomes of the 7 March Council decisions.
  • WHEN has submitted a nomination of the intersection of Hill Street and Arthur Street to the state Blackspot committee, for consideration of funding for traffic lights here (as recommended by the external consultants hired by Council). 
  • Other stakeholders are considering putting in similar nominations for that intersection.
  • Residents and schools reps have consulted with the Department of State Growth about the installation of an "unsupervised children’s crossing" in Hill Street, near the intersection of Warwick Street and Caldew Park.  They are supportive and advise that it is a Council decision.  So we are talking to Council again...
  • We are awaiting confirmation that Council has actioned another "quick action" part of the 7 March decision  i.e. to request State Growth to develop statewide guidelines (or "warrants") for installation of pedestrian crossings such as Zebra and Wombat (zebra with raised platform).  

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