29 May 2016

Gardening notes for June

Well, cooler weather has finally arrived - I found the unusually warm nights of autumn a bit disturbing; maybe I'm obsessed with climate change!

The green manure is growing well - just have to remember to dig it in before it flowers. Garlic and broad beans are up - planted the beans in the front garden. Harvesting broccoli, leeks and lettuce and of course Tuscan Kale (even the chooks are fed-up with it!). Tomorrow I'm planning to make sauerkraut with the little cabbages and other vegies. And I'm in denial about the pruning. 

Best wishes and keep warm


JUNE Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting)

Sugar Snap peas (2nd planting) pregerminate then sow

Snowpea (2nd planting)

direct sow and protect from birds until 100mm high

Garlic bulbs 

x x
English Spinach (no Punnets - direct seeding only)

x x

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