30 June 2016

Gardening notes - July

Margaret writes:
Definitely winter now. I've had the annual visit of the currawongs laying waste to the remaining apples and making a great mess and noise. I do quite like them though.

Keep warm and don't forget to vote!

JULY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting) Takes a month to show x x x x
English Spinach (no punnets - direct seeding only) x x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x x x
Small Cabbages - punnet into ground x

Small Cabbages - direct seeding x

Mini Cauliflower "Garant" - punnet into ground x x x x
Lettuce - direct seeding x x x x



Lettuce - punnet into ground when ready x x x x

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