16 November 2016

Walk This Way - is on in two (2) days

Just a reminder that this important opportunity to show the Council that West Hobartians demand a safer neighbourhood - an environment where it is safe to let our kids walk and ride to school, and where it is safe for our older residents to walk to the shops and to the doctor - is on this Friday.  Yes, in one or two days' time. 

We do hope that you can come along.  And please tell your neighbours and friends, we need as many people to come as possible.  We are effectively going to be asking the Council to use West Hobart as a trial for a new approach to managing traffic in residential areas.  Actually, this has already been done in Battery Point but the Council has seen that as a special case for some reason. 

We want to protect our kids and elders against the tide of fast cars that currently use our neighbourhood as a conduit to and from the city.  Ben Rossiter will talk about what has been done in Victoria to help make suburbs more "walkable".  Then we will discuss what might work here in West Hobart.

There will be a (free) morning tea as well!  What could be better?

Friday 18 November, 10.30am to 1pm

GP Room, Lansdowne Crescent School

See you there!

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  1. Looking forward to the meeting and talking walking.