28 April 2017

Tactical Urbanism - please do!


Ever wanted to have some fun whilst also actively making a difference in your community? This just might be what you've been looking for.
The Tactical Urbanism movement is all about citizens taking the lead in making small, temporary and low cost interventions to the townscape of their neighbourhood.
Luckily, a host of free practical guides and sources of information and inspiration has been made available.  Better Hobart have helpfully grouped them together for ease of reference. Simply click on the link below.
So if you fancy holding an event, creating your own Pocket park, drawing attention to traffic issues, community gardening or even making a statement in this years Park(ing) Day, read, digest, get inspired and then roll up those sleeves. Remember. This is your city!

If you've got some ideas for West Hobart, share your ideas below and you might find some neighbours keen to join in.

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