24 July 2017

Ecohomeguide.com.au - check it out!

Have you come across Ecohomeguide.com.au ???

This is a brilliant social enterprise and website, set up by Sustainable Living Tasmania.

Here you can get free tailored advice on how your household can become more sustainable, your heating costs can be reduced, and you can live more comfortably and cheaply.  Sustainable Living Tasmania has immense expertise in this area.  

They’ve also researched both products AND suppliers and are now part of the supply chain - offering households discounted and efficient products through some of the best suppliers in Tassie.  


By purchasing your solar PV, hot water, heat pump, insulation and other products through Ecohomeguide you are supporting Sustainable Living Tasmania’s work.

The Ecohomeguide team are currently also offering access to TEELS and NILS, government programs to make more efficient products more accessible to low income Tasmanians. 

Check it out, and see if this website is useful to you!

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