27 March 2010

Gardens and Food Group

Numbers have been dropping at the produce exchange of late. Are people running out of produce and steam? Let us know if you think it's worthwhile continuing through April.

Volunteers this Saturday 27th March: Pragiti and Richard.

There will be no exchange on Easter Saturday.

WHEN (West Hobart Environment Network) are screening two films - 'Transition' and 'The Story of Stuff' in the hall at Lansdowne Crescent School on Sunday 28th March at 3pm. westhobartenvnet.blogspot.com

Pumpkin pie and apple scrumpy.

The next GAF meeting, in conjunction with a harvest festival / afternoon tea and a produce exchange, will be hosted on Saturday 17th April by Caroline Evans at 10 Lansdowne Crescent.

"If we planted trees on land currently used to grow the surplus food we waste we could, in theory, offset 100% of human-derived greenhouse gas emissions." Resurgence, March-April 2010.

Annie March 62310378

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