25 March 2010

Some useful energy saving tips from Bob Donovan

As you may be aware, the Green Loans program has been to changed to provide funding for an extra 600,000 home assessments while the actual interest-free loans component of the program is currently suspended.

The following is a link to Aurora’s website, this will enable you to monitor your power usage and identify appliances with high running costs:

I am including a few more links to sources of useful and un-biased information that other people have found valuable. They provide plenty of tips and practical ideas on reducing energy and making your home more sustainable and may prove particularly valuable for you or someone you know were considering renovations or buying a new appliance.

Renovators guide: http://www.yourhome.gov.au/renovatorsguide/index.html

Technical manual for designing a sustainable home: http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical/index.html

Alternative Technology Association, this group is based in Victoria and has lots of info and links on energy efficiency and design: http://www.ata.org.au/

Fed Governments appliance energy ratings: http://www.energyrating.gov.au/appsearch/default.asp

Free home energy assessments are available and if anyone would like any information you can contact Bob on 6234 1659 or 0401 951 023.

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