03 September 2010

Southern Tasmania Energy Descent Action Planning Workshop with Transition Tasmania

Saturday, 18 September 10-4pm @ Phillip Smith Centre, Glebe
WHEN members will be attending this important workshop. Join us and others from similar groups in Southern Tasmania to start tackling some of the bigger issues around Transition. Its all about stepping up the impetus that is already driving us - the need to rapidly develop community and personal resilience in the face of a very uncertain future. Many are concerned that energy prices are due to rocket within 5 years and that this will place immense hardships on not only the Tasmnaian economy, but also on communities and individuals. Simply put: We are not Ready! With this in mind, Sustainable Living Tasmania in concert with Transition Tasmania invites you to a one day stimulating workshop to explore this theme.

Many people throughout the State are doing inspirational things, but at the same time we also need to challenge our own comfort zones. We need to find smart ways to accelerate our activities and draw in the broader community at a much faster reate. Tasmania needs to have an Energy Defence strategy in place. Please do join us. See the attached flyer for the program and further info.

Please RSVP by email to lissa@sustainablelivingtasmania.org.au or call 6234 5566.

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