04 September 2010

Sustainable House Day 2010 - Sunday, 12 September 10- 4pm

The Australian Solar Energy Society invites you to visit five sustainable homes in Southern Tasmania - in Acton, Howrah, Sandford, Lower Snug and Woodbridge. This is a good opportunity to see how other Tasmanians are tackling how to make their homes more energy conservative. You can see how it looks in practice and ask the owners how they did it!

Source Wholefoods Coop is also open on the day, to show off its strawbale construction and other features!

There are some details about these houses and information on opening times on www.sustainablehouseday.com

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  1. I visited the new architect-designed house at Acton Park. On a sunny spring day the thick double glazed wall of bi-fold doors was capturing almost too much sun! and the dark ceramic floor tiles were radiating heaps of heat into the room. The house has a lot of internal mass, a technique known as "reverse brick veneer", to retain the heat. The house has a Biolytix system which converts the household's waste water into useful nutrient rich liquid fertiliser for the orchard. It was a privilege to see a modern passive solar design in action!