29 November 2010

Walk Score website

Found on the web:

Walk Score (www.WalkScore.com) is the leading measure of walkability. It works on any address and gives you a score and a map of nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.

The designers of this website are clearly in touch with sustainability values. They say:

Walkable neighborhoods offer surprising benefits to the environment, our health, our finances, and our communities.

Environment: Cars are a leading cause of climate change. Your feet are zero-pollution transportation machines.

Health: The average resident of a walkable neighborhood weighs 7 pounds less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood.1

Finances: One point of Walk Score is worth up to $3,000 of value for your property. Read the research report.

Communities: Studies show that for every 10 minutes a person spends in a daily car commute, time spent in community activities falls by 10%.

The Walking West Hobart map group will take a good look at this tool to see how it can help with our project.

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