01 December 2010

'A city with people in mind'

This evening in Sandy Bay, Jan Gehl (of Gehl Architects, who have been commissioned by the council to provide a development plan for the area directly surrounding the Hobart CBD) gave a public lecture on the fruits of the research conducted by his firm over the past year.

In it, he addressed many significant issues--from traffic and accessibility, to 'greening the urban' and sense of community.

Provide above is a link to the Hobart City Council website, from which the results of Professor's Gehl's research may be downloaded and digested.

It is our responsibility as members of the greater Hobart community to be aware, informed, and engaged in the process of transforming our urban center, so as to ensure harmony between our public spaces and our personal ethos.

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  1. Thanks for the update Colin, and I couldn't agree more.