28 January 2011

Could electric bikes be Hobart's clean transport solution?

Come along to the Hobart Regatta Grounds on Monday 31 Jan at 6pm to find out. There'll be a range of electric bikes for people to test ride. Visiting from Sydney is Maurice Wells, one of Australia's leading electric bike experts. He will be able to give advice on what to look for in an electric bike as well as what is most appropriate for you. Find out how good electric bikes are on Hobart's hills!

Maurice and his partner are about to ride their electric bikes from Hobart to Launceston via the Central Plateau. Thanks to the electric motor, they will cover this distance in just three easy days, taking hills in their stride and enjoying the wonderful scenery. No lycra, no sweat.

Organised by eco-Bikes, a South Hobart-grown small business.


  1. Electric bikes can definitely help in contributing to a more sustainable transport solution. I think also, that they are perfect for getting the baby boomer population into bike riding.

    As these baby boomers age, they would not normally want to continue riding a bike for physical reasons. With the extra help of the electric motor, they could continue riding as they age. And continue to receive the benefits of exercise from cycling.

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    2. will electric bike will be required to have a license registered vehicle?

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