11 February 2011

Sustainable Transport Group Meeting, Wed. 9 Feb

This meeting's main focus was on developing the Walking West Hobart Map. Here are Margaret's notes on our discussion:

Thank you to Helene and Di for entering the existing data on the web map.

1. We decided we needed to gather more direct data and actually walk the West Hobart streets:

Attached is the re-jigged letter-boxing map (thanks John H.) that now follows as closely as possible the official West Hobart

boundary (from the LIST). John and I lost our nerve about allocating areas but Helene and Di had offered to do the

northern patch (A). John Hunter is happy to do B.

I suggest we leave G (Knocklofty) for now. Please feel free to claim another patch. Let me know.

Here are the items of interest that we agreed we should note:

shortcuts, fruit trees (potential scrumping), views, bus stops, safe and dangerous street crossings, contours (gradients),

bike paths, parks, seats, shelter, steps and non-pram-friendly paths, picnic spots/tables, historic houses, toilets,

points of interest, cafes, shops and services e.g. doctor, plumber (the goods and services provided,

not the actual business name), good 'park and walk' spots (ie not outside Margaret's house!), play grounds and

other good child-friendly spaces, art galleries.

And I guess anything else we haven't thought of! We need to note an accurate location for all items. And take a camera.

2. John C showed different icon styles – e.g. geometric shapes for different features, with numbers relating to notes,

pictographic icons such as those used by Green Maps, which we can use if we register as a Green Map ($100).

John C, are the maps left over from the Sustainable Living Expo at all useful for noting stuff on? If so, maybe we could

collect copies from you.

3. Margaret had raised the possibility of doing a community information session on Peak Oil

with the assistance of Peak Oil Tasmania. It was agreed that Margaret should approach Neighbourhood Watch to explore

the possibility of this being one of the talks offered by them or alternatively use the newsletter as a publicity medium for

our own event.

4. Jan Gehl Report:

We agreed that we should make a submission on this, and that there may be scope to widen this to a community meeting

on planning issues, with a number of speakers.

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