03 March 2011

Sustainable Transport Group Meeting, 2 March 2011

Meeting at Margaret's house, we discussed the progress of our surveys of the streets and our data gathering for the Walking West Hobart map. We have collected lots of information, and have lots of good ideas. We shared inspiring stories and sources of useful material, for example the excellent "Victoria Walks" website.

Our challenge is how to decide what to include, and then later, how to present it on a single map! After we had tossed round some ideas, Di suggested ordering the information into priorities, to help in our decisionmaking. Our priorities are:
1. Access (physical aspects); 2. Services (or the purpose of our walks); and 3. Enjoyment (celebrating the experience).

John H suggested collecting location information for the points of interest via GPS coordinates rather than by placing them on the Google MyMap we have created. This will assist the mapmaker to easily transfer the data into mapmaking software.

Di will create a spreadsheet to capture the data and we will each enter into it the items we have surveyed and their locations.

The Gehl report is now available and members of the group will source copies of it in readiness for providing a response to the Council.

Next meeting: 3 weeks' time, same time, same place.

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