17 February 2011

Public Spaces and Public Life report

The long awaited report by Gehl Architects is now available from the Hobart City Council website. The bad news is that it is quite hard to print up. You need a colour printer that can print doublesided on A3, then you really need to trim it to a square and then (if you can) spiral bind it to make it easy to turn the pages!

My partner Robert tried to get one from the Council's counter and it wasn't available. When he rang up to get a copy, he got the impression that the request wasn't that welcome - and when he got the report it had clearly just been printed on the office printer and bound on the spot. It looks like funding wasn't available for commercial printing. Now that I'm reading it, it also looks like they couldn't afford an editor!

Anyway, enough of my whingeing, it's time to read the report!

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