20 September 2011

1. Moving Planet,
Saturday 24 Sept - ride, walk, scoot... to show support for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. 10 am bike ride from Cornelian Bay to Mawson's Pavilion on the Hobart Waterfront. 10.45 am rally - speakers, stalls, best dressed bike comp. This is an event coordinated globally by 350.org and locally by Climate Action Hobart.

2. Changing the Dream symposium, a half-day event on 9th October at the Baha'i Centre for a challenging and rewarding afternoon of powerful multi-media presentations, personal reflection and stimulating conversations, facilitated by Graham Flower and Wendy Armstrong. Changing the Dream is a network of people spanning the globe who are united by creating a future for the world in which our children and grandchildren can live full lives. The presentation reflects on what social justice,
personal fulfilment and environmental sustainability mean for us; it is inclusive, apolitical and optimistic and encourages people to come to their own conclusions about the global challenges and opportunities that confront us and what to do about it. Register at http://bit.ly/hobartsymposium9oct and come and see what YOU think!

3. Still Gardening Program – Seeking Garden Mates
I ‘m writing from the Still Gardening Program, a great program connecting volunteer ‘Garden Mates’ with elderly clients who live independently and still garden but need a little help and company. We help people to stay active, get outdoors, stay engaged and stimulated, feel less stressed about their gardens, stay living independently and make new friendships.
We’re currently recruiting more volunteer Garden Mates, as we have an ever-growing list of clients wanting assistance. Would there be any possibility of a small article or mention of the program in one of your upcoming newsletters or on your website? We would really appreciate your help with spreading the news of our program.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards
Kim Tyson
Project Officer
Still Gardening Program
Community Inclusion
Hobart City Council
(Tue, Wed, Fri)
P 6236 9349
M 0409 191 553
E tysonk@netspace.net.au

4. Soap and Candle Making
Thanks to those who turned up for a soap and candle making afternoon and to wish Margaret well in Taroona.
Here’s some information in case you are interested but couldn’t make it:

My Basic Soap Recipe
1. Prepare the lye: weigh out the distilled water and place in the fridge to cool. Put on your personal protective gear and weigh out the caustic soda. Take the water out the fridge and slowly at the caustic soda. Never add the water to the caustic soda – always the caustic soda to the water. It will get hot. Put it back in the fridge to cool to 37C.
2. Measure out your oils using the tare function on your scales.
3. Melt oils in a double boiler or microwave (30 sec bursts). Cool to 37C.
4. Slowly and carefully pour lye into oils.
5. Stir gently with a handheld blender and then combine in bursts.
6. Check for trace – the point at which the oils and lye have combined successfully to make soap – it will leave a trail when you lift the blender.
7. Add any additional ingredients (essential oils, clay, seeds, lavender, herbs, oats etc).
8. Pour into mould. The mixture is still caustic at this stage so don’t touch with bare hands.
9. Cover mould with plastic wrap and a towel (the towel helps saponification and curing).
10. Let the soap harden for 24 hours before turning out.
11. Air dry for 3-4 weeks before using.

. Store away from little people. Vinegar can be used to clean up spills to neutralise the stuff.

Note: The ingredient lists below will result in 1kg of soap. To reduce the quantities or change the oils and the soap properties use a soap calculator. There are many different types of oils you can use. The calculator I use is: http://www.soapcalc.net/calc/SoapCalcWP.asp

Lavender Soap Ingredients * note all are in grams
186g Castor oil
114g Olive oil
300g Cocoa butter
400g Coconut oil
25g lavender oil
Cup of lavender seeds to mix into the soap and put on top as desired
Lye: 380g water and 146g caustic soda

Honey and Oat Soap Ingredients
186g Castor oil
114g Olive oil
300g Cocoa butter
400g Coconut oil
10g bergamot oil
15g chamomile oil
1 T honey
Small cup of oats
Lye: 380g water and 146g caustic soda

There is loads of info on the web...just google 'make your own soap' or something like that.

For candle making supplies you can order from:

I'd be interested in a bulk order if others are.

Paul has put some pics on the web below at http://westhobartenvnet.blogspot.com/

All the best

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